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Stackable killstreaks. Yay? Or nay?

What do you guys think about stackable killstreaks in the assualt package? Campers paradise? Or strategic thinking?

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    it good to see killstreaks stacking, the way it was in black ops caused more camping than mw2 ever did

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    I don't think I mind too much as the equivalent of a chopper gunner is now 17 and AC130 is now 12 (only 1 more but could make a difference). Also Pavelow is also 12 now I think.


    I quite like the idea of the support package and I think we will see that a bit more. I like the fact that players will have more options for countering the big killstreaks. And also if I find I'm getting my ass handed to me in a game I can just switch to the support package on one of my classes and contribute more to the team

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      I completely agree with you. They made the more powerful killstreaks at a higher kill and support does look great for games where you just wanna be a good team player. Im liking mw3 more and more and more. These 6 days are going to be the longest 6 days ever!

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        As long as the maps are well laid out and thought of and the noobtube isn't the mega weapon it was in MW2 (which looks like is the case) I should be happy with MW3. I have a feeling I'll like this one more than MW3 but I'll have to wait and see

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    I think it should be fine. They have upped the number of kills in order to reach the good streaks anyways so to me its not a big deal. .

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    Lol there was 10x more camping in mw2 than any call of duty combined. If you believe otherwise im guessing you were one of them.


    Seeing how they completely ignored any progression black ops made for call of duty im not surprised kill streak stacking is back. I sware if its mw2 with a new paint job i will lose all faith for the future of the series.

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    I dont like the idea completly but it would help less skilled players have more fun with the game and it would cause some people to buy.As long as killstreaks arnt over powered which I think I heard a video saying that they were reduced in power then I say Ya.   (Whooraaa! for MW3!)

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    At any rate my most basic opinion is that anything that isn't a primary weapon should be downsized. All of the miscellaneous crap that distracts from two players just aiming and shooting at one another should be kept as an afterthought at best. That definitely includes streaks. If anything, streaks were one of the worst offenders.


    No measure to minimize their effect would be too extreme. Honestly if I had my way the support strike package would be the only one available. I'm not joking either, as I see it one of the biggest problems with previous COD games was that streaks became a more crucial gameplay element then the process of actually earning them. In a more ideal situation they could still offer plenty of reward for good performance without taking over the whole experience.

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    Mw2  killstreaks was bad because they all was basicly lethal.

    The Harrier was a big staple for killstreaks and it was very OP.

    If you look at streak list you notice there is only one 7 killstreak and that is the Attack Helicopter(Which is complete garbage I might add). Pavelow is now moved to 12 points as well as the AC 130. So no more 7-9-11 combo. The 9 pointstreaks have major flaws but can be good in ways.


    Starfe run= 5 small helicopters in 1 area of the map. You can see where the helicopters are at on the map. Its not very big of a radius pretty balanced.\


    Then you got the Guardian(9 pointstreak) that does nothing if you do not move.

    The strongest killstreaks chopper gunner/harrier have been taken out.

    The Osprey is 17 kills similar to the Gunner for Mw2. Its good they boosted up the kills for it making it more balanced. Just look at the list of pointstreaks and tell me whats wrong with the fact that they stack. All the good streaks costs the same points as the other good ones basicly making you sacerfice.


    Now we look at the support mainly the EMP. It was unused because of the amount of kills it took and the fact you gave up kills. But now that its only 18 points to get. A good player could really use 3EMPs a match. Thats like 3 minute of no electronics and killstreaks which is a good option also to balance it out the Osprey gunner and Juggurnaut Recon is the same amount of points. Should be fun picking what setups people will use. I do feel the Reaper is going to be hell but if its the size of a UAV im not worried about it. Information says its just a UAV that gives rockets.