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    i dont know about that

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    How can an SR-71 be overpowered when you can block it with a 4 kill streak?

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    Do you think people use it? Not a lot of people don't use CUAV

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    They don't use it because they don't think the SR is OP, if they did think that they would use CSP.


    One of the boys I play with blocks ever single SR that goes up, he gets that many and keeps them just for that purpose that when one doesn't come in he has to call them all in a load of them the last 10 seconds of the game.


    Point is its not OP, if you think that you can block it and theres your balance.

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    i love treyarch for the campaign and hate IW for there's and you cant say treyarch copied anything without remembering that now IW practiclly copied zombies

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    I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, becuase this page is too damn long, but I really liked the way that Black Ops did the Equipment slot.


    I liked being able to use C4's and my grenades, IW makes us chose between grenades or C4's.


    I'd even take CoD4/WaW's version of having it in the first perk slot.

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    Good post, thank you.


    This got me thinking about the progression curve and that fine balance between too easy and to grindy. This must be quite a challenge given the vast range of play styles, capability and perception (an astute consideration in one of your earlier responses on this thread and one I share with you) of the player base.


    I cut my teeth on BO playing approximately 75:35 HQ/DOM. I found HQ was easier for me initially as I could make a contribution to the team and earn some points into the deal. As my skills improved DOM was the game I came to love.


    I found effort required to Prestige combined with the incentives of rank and earning a gold camo, was perfect for me. I went to 15/50. Happy times.


    I have recently purchased a copy of MW2. A very different game to BO. It felt like an arcade shooter at first. Partially due to the rank up sounds and as I was used to the slower pace of BO.


    I have now Prestiged In MW2 playing 100% DOM. I find the pace perfect for my play style and I love this game over all including the rank up sound. It's amazing how your tastes vary as you get into a game. I often wonder how much the designers understand and design with this dynamic in mind. Fascinating, but perhaps the topic of another thread at another time.


    The thing is though, I have found MW2 a  little "grindy" level 50 plus. I am sure this will change over the next couple of days as I improve. I understand IWSH have redone the progression curves in MW3. I am confident that the combination of this fine tuning and some improvement in my skills will create that elusive feeling of balance me. I suppose that could be one player satisfied customer with 29,999,999 others to get right. Mind boggling isn't it?


    Thank you for your thoughts.

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    Black Ops is not the most balanced - CoD 4 is. I realize that now the game is full of hackers and quick scopers (as they are almost the only group that still plays due to denial), but the latter group is at least very beatable. Back in the glory days of CoD 4 I remember completing almost every marksman challenge for every gun between prestiges (150 kills), which gave me a goal to accomplish as I was mindlessly grinding. Overall, my point is that in Call of Duty 4, while I certainly had preferences and did best with some guns, I was able to pick up any gun and dominate with it (assuming the corresponding map was correct - not going to use the shitty second sniper rifle on shipment headquarters). I believe that this trend is what defines a balanced game. That trend does not exist in WaW, MW2, and Black Ops.

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    The amount of contradictions on the thread is unreal. We have people saying that Ghost is OP and SR-71 is OP in the same thread. How can that be? Everything in Black Ops could be countered and I agree I think COD4 and Black Ops were very balanced games.


    I rarely went into a match where the enemy or anyone in fact got an SR-71. And as for Ghost, they caught me out at times but then that's my own fault for not being careful enough. OP? Absolutely not. If you want to use Ghost fine I was pretty much using Hardline most of the time. I can't say I've ever been completely dominated by a Ghost user and even if I was I wouldn't call it OP just because I couldn't handle him. If I lost it was because the player was better or played better in that game not because of his or my setup. Overused? Maybe, but that's up to them if they want to use that perk.

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    When people get killed alot, and are not enjoying something because there not on top. It's in nature to complain about it lol. Don't waste your time they will be much more to come when mw3 comes out because they didn't have a good game, and the internet is going to be filled with complaints, going post tho proving you point tho and i agree 100 percent!