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Rapid Fire on Assault Rifles


What does everyone think of Assault Rifles having the rapid fire attachment in MW3?  I was really surprised honestly... personally I think rapid fire should be limited to SMGs because of their high recoil and big damage drop off.  Rapid Fire on an ACR... idk that doesn't seem right. 


If you remember from COD4, Double Tap and Stopping Power cancelled each other out so that each perk increased the "Time To Kill" of a gun the same exact amount.  In Black Ops, the Rapid Fire attachment was pretty much Stopping Power in the form of an attachment. There is a reason it was the most expensive attachment - it was the most powerful.  Now in MW3, Stopping Power is already built in to all the guns.  Then add rapid fire.  Basically it's COD4 using both Stopping Power AND Double tap and the same time - Stopping Power times 2.


Everyone playing the game early seems to agree that the Type 95 is MW3's "I Win" gun for when you feeling like playing cheap (in the limited time I've played I only shot the Type 95 a few times - it was basically MW2's FAMAS).  Now imagine MW2's FAMAS with stopping power + double tap.  The 3 round burst is so fast it is basically firing 1 giant bullet like a sniper rifle, and it only takes 2 of the 3 bullets to kill.  The burst shoots so fast that if 1 bullet hits you, all 3 will.


So basically the Type 95 Rapid Fire is a 1-hit kill semi-auto assault rifle, to any part of the body.