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Ok this is a joke right?

Ok i load the game up, adjust my gfx settings, max them out and turn the res up to 192x1080. load a map up and get all exiceted hoping to be presented with Mw2 gfx or better.


Then i started laughing uncontrollably.


THIS IS NOT 1920x1080, not by a god damn long shot, its 1024x768 at best, the texture quality is worse than console, i can't believe i'm saying this but i think for the first time a PC game looks worse than console. seriosuly IW/Sledge, what the hell did you do to Mw2, you could've left that game alone and bought out more DLC and it would look a million times better.


The sound effects are such a joke aswell, everything is over exagerated by a factor of 12 (12 being the age of the target audience apparently).


I guess we all know that the next CoD will be console only and we'll all be left with the techically flawed Basttlefield 3 untill untill they turn thier baby into a console port for BF4.


Can't moan about the server stuff, so far p2p is ok, we knew what we were getting with the dedi's so complaining would be stupid knowing full well what we were getting, or not getting.


Spec Ops better be god damn amazing or i will get my money on this.


Wow just WOW.