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Widescreen fixer works like a charm! (how to change fov)

Limited field of view is game breaking issue. At least for me, i cant play with 65 fov. Widescreen fixer allows u to change it.


Heres an example:


Default 65



And 80



The change isnt perfect, but its still better than default one.




I have been using this program since mw2. Played it with 80 fov, used it with black ops at 90 fov, and now with mw3 at 80 fov. Ive never been banned but theres always a risk.


Quote from their site:


"The use of this program is at your own risk.  There is no guarantee that you will be safe from detection. However, as of adding this notice to the site on 2011 August 18, I have not received a single e-mail or message about someone being detected and/or banned.  If you look at the Steam forums, or possibly other forums, you will see a handful of posts from people telling it to you use it because you will be banned, or that they had a friend banned because of it.  These people have never provided any proof to me other than their word.  If you ever do get detected or banned, please e-mail me or contact me immediately so that I can look into it and possibly pull the download so no one else gets banned."