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Server question

Ok setting all technical terms aside because I dont care. For playing multiplayer online is it only dedicated? Like it was in black ops? Or is it set up like MWF2? Or is there an option for either? Would just like to know before I go and spend the money.

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    It's both Dedicated and MW2 P2P. You have to enable servers in the options menu. The dedicated servers are unranked, but you will have all unlocks from the start (if those server admins allow). We do.

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    Both . Theres dedicated servers hosted and done off peeps pc or theres the mw2 iwnet thingy.


    Ive just been playing it and i dont rate the game at all tbh .. Gfx CRAP ... Game boring as hell .. But thts me, Bo seems loads better . But this is just like mw2  .


    Im gutted ive waited all this time for THAT !!!!!!!!!

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      I have do disagree with you! I totally love the game! I dont see any glich or bug or lagg! Its absolutely an awesome game! Just hope we get promod soon then the game is one of the best ever made!