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  • 50. Re: CoD: Elite required to be over 18?

    Does it matter? Not really... there are much worse youngins on this forum, believe you me.


    And how do I read warnings when the site was not up yet when I preordered it?


    Not that it's a problem now anyway - it accepted my code for some reason.

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    You are completely wrong about 3/4 of the players. You are in the minority.

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    Oh rly?


    Go buy a house for someone and then not live in it. Agent says it was never yours to live in; it was on a rental for someone else and they are eligible because they are homeless - your homeless state hasn't updated in their servers yet so you just basically bought someone else's house for them. Now how do you think you'd react?


    Oh, and if you think this rant is screaming, give me your GT so I can show you a real scream, *******.

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    I have always been interested in understanding the CoD demographics. This would be a useful piece of background data to help frame different views on this, and many other threads that have started on precisely the same topic.


    Notwithstanding, the follow contribution may be of interest to some.


    I can understand the dissapointment of younger players.


    Age restriction rules are adopted by companies to comply with prevailing laws in each market in which they operate. In short, no company lasts for long by breaking a law and equally if no applicable law exists, a company is unwise to impose a policy that disenfranchises a key section of its customer base. This just reduces shareholder returns.


    In effect, this means the anger and dissapointment felt by younger players, are ultimately directed at those who develop law and the voters who empowered them to do so. Companies are obliged to comply with prevailing laws under which they function and must do so if they wish to continue to operate.


    A relevent case in point  was mentioned by one or two earlier respondents to this thread. The issue of ratings and it's impact on age restriction and game content have recently been hotly contested in Australia. Gamers of all ages (literally 6 to 60) have engaged in national public demonstrations, traditional media campaigning and social media lobbying. The result was that the gaming public have strongly influenced government policy in this matter to ensure access.


    Anger and dissapointment are, of course, real and justified by those with these strong feelings. However raging at the companies that are required to comply with the laws may provide some relief to the anger but does not solve the problem. The good news is that there is a solution. It starts with an email and then a visit to your local member. Not a satisfying response, I know, but one that applies in those markets where age restriction laws exit.


    Yours in CoD

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    bro your actually born earlier than me im 14 your 15 im just saying that for now on you should liee next time to avoid this i know this is kind of effed up and i feel you bro but theres not much more than you can do :[ hope everything works out for you bro

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    Amen to that!  lol

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    okay, why would I buy someone else a house? and even if I did, It would technically be MY house to live in since it is in my name. I would just be allowing the other person to stay. I assume you're younger as well? You need to also calm down. Just lie about your age. Seriously, thats what I used to do when I was a kid. The youth these days. lol

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    Does it prevent you from playing online at all?

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    Makes sense to be. Elite involves competitions, and you obviously would need to be an adult to enter them/receive prizes. Even though not all people would enter competitions, they would need to ensure the premium users are of age just in case.

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