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Bad matchmaking and ping

Well, I've been playing for a day now and mostly it's OK. Not brilliant, but OK.



I'm in the uk and have found despite a 3mb connection it will not join to a <50ms ping server. Most are the <100ms servers so I am getting my arse  handed to me by others who are not lagging like me. I will get the occasional good one and manage to do well. It would appear that the net code or something is buggered! Anyone else found this? Using Sky unlimited broadband. 


Nice to see the camping idiots are back already on Domination!


NOTE: Before any trolling 16 year old fan boys get on the bandwagon with the "learn to play" crap, I know when a connection is poor as I have been online gaming for around 20 years. I was online with Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Rise of the triad, Duke Nukem etc and played on dial up line using DOS or we lugged PC's to each others houses and played on a LAN while eating pizza! 


I ended ended up playing Quake 3 semi pro and running a Euro CTF league for both Barrysworld and Jolt. I was playing COD online when I was destroying bunkers with tanks etc and firing 88's as either a Nazi or US troop (ask your dad!). 

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    I have a great connection and download speed, never lag in any game yet people drop me in 1 bullet and i need to get like 50 hitmarkers on them before they die. There's allot of delay lag also when im running, i get hit 2 times and i die 5 feet around the corner.


    This is on the game's end and not mine.

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      Exactly how I've been as well. It's not all the time but predominately it is. Not sure who is getting the best connection. Seems there are a few who look like they have prestiged already. 


      It is most annoying already that people appear to be using Domination to rack their scores up with camping objectives. Sorry, it's just not in the spirit of the game no matter how you look at it (cue fanboys again!). You can't justify it if your team is losing badly but you have a high kill/death ratio, it's pointless.


      I like the idea of point streaks though, nice to have a stealth bomber for taking the objectives.

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    Actually I've been playing again today and it's absolutely appalling. Absolute crap connections with either people owning or being totally steamrollered with not much in between. 


    It's back to people camping objectives they don't have as well in Domination and it's spawn/die/spawn/die ad-infinitum. Clearly trying to improve their rank. 


    It's that bad, I'm back to Black Ops, I know it's not perfect but better than MP MW3 at the moment. 

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    a bad workman blames his tools

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      Clearly you need to read my original post before commenting.


      Message was edited by: meenieUK Actually, in addition to the first post, I should say that I have bought, owned and operated public servers for both Counter strike and Quake 3 as well. I know when a connection is bad or net code is wrong.