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Took mw3 back, lost some money but oh well.

So i was pretty excited for this game and the first match i played i realized i did not like this game. A few reasons would be. The maps are terrible and so full of random stuff that you can barely see anyone and so people camp...hard. Also why can't you jump on anything? like a dumpster or vehicle or a tiny barrel of oil? probably IW's way of trying to stop hardcore campers haha. The way you move feels so sluggish compared to any other cod. The graphics seem dull and grainy compared to previous games. The menu compared to black ops sucks. No hc ctf either? What really did it is the maps though because compared to black ops they are so small and random. It's like they said, hey! lets get a map layout and put trash everywhere with no symmetry! I rebought black ops with my left over money and i love it. The graphics are crisp and the maps, weapons and everything else amazing. As for the lag on mw3, i did not have any. As for lag on black ops i used to have it but i recently upgraded my connection. ITS CALLED QOS PEOPLE! LOOK IT UP AND YOU WILL CUT YOUR LAG IN HALF!  ONE MORE THING. I HAD TO MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT JUST TO POST ON HERE BECAUSE THIS FORUM IS SO GLITCHY IT WOULDNT LET ME POST FOR 2 WEEKS!