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The inevitable LAG discussion...

I was really hoping that MW3 would be better in the lag department than Black Ops but it seems to be worse.


When I play alone I can get a relatively decent connection (when the game eventually starts) but when I play with buddies who are spread across the country I end up on a 3 bar most of the time.  In Black Ops a 3 bar was managable (most of the time) but with MW3 it's not even close.  By the time I see someone I am already dead and regardless of what they are using it seems to me that I just got killed with a shotgun (instant).


I hope this is something that will pass but I am pretty concerned.  I like playing with my group but if the connection issue isn't addressed MW3 will be a lonely game for me.

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    I hope so too.  I seem to keep being pulled back down stairs and around corners for no reson.  I'll wait and see if they fix it.  The place I bought it from is offering $50 off BF3 if you bring MW3 back before the end of the month.

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      Yeah that has happened to me many times as well.  We call it the 'rubber band' effect in my group.  You move 3 feet forward and then 4 feet back.


      I know most of this stuff is launch day bugs and all games have them.  I just hope they CAN do something about the lag when you are not next door to the host.

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    yeah same here this is what iam seeing     

    1. host lag/framerate

    2.full clip into someone watch kill cam didn't even fire a shot at him running upto 2 secs behind whats happening

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    ^ Play without open ports this apparently only helps when playing blops, I changed it to moderate by resting my router and ps3 settings & I turned off the worthless version of theater in mw3 and I’m now liking the game even more, far less shocky / laggy experience on a constant base. This said I'm mainly playing people right next to me anyway, judging by their names, so it should have next to no lag at all really.


    More people are rage quitting though now as there is little chance of me getting host with a moderate port, but I can’t blame them being host is this game is probably a horrible experience for a lot of people.


    I blame theatre mode. The lag went overboard since black ops introduced it. Great idea but with the current average connection speeds overall and with people playing wireless to booth a lot too, not very smart to implant especially without the option  to turn it off like in blops. Luckily we can turn it off in mw3.

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    The only time I seem to lag is when I am playing really late at night/early in the morning.


    On release night I played from 12:30am EST to 7:30am EST, and the connection started to steadily decline from about 5am onward when people in my time zone started to go to bed. I played from like 5pm to 10pm last night, and didn't have any issues. I took a break to watch Sons of Anarchy, and hopped back on around midnight and the connection was a bit off again.


    Basically, when the majority of the lobby isnt form the United States my connection seems to suffer

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    I have Theater on and I haven't had any lag issues what so ever in about 6 hours of play time maybe im just lucky?

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    Personally I think MW3 is better than BO as far as lag goes, actually I don't have any doubts BUT I think their lag compensation still needs some adjustments. I'd say it's probably in half the games I play where I die instantly like I was shotgunned to the head (like OP said) and then watch the killcam and see the guy was shooting at me for a while. With everybody playing with the automatic stopping power that this game has in comparison with BO, if that's happening you have NO chance and like I said this happens in half the games I play. I'm guessing that it's due to lag compensation which I think they need to tone down a tiny bit. I live in the center of Madrid a city of over 5 million and when I played BO I hardly got grouped with Spaniards and even when I did there were few, a lot of times with Europeans but that doesn't mean they are close. With MW3 I play with almost exlcusively Spanish people with the occasional Portuguese players, everybody with at least 3 bars, so that is a great sign. They went back to the ping parameters for searching for games which worked great for me in MW2 so that makes me think that the lag comp is the culprit. I know the servers are saturated and I hope that has something to do with it too but dying before you know what's even happening sucks!