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Type 95 lol

I can't believe people are already complaining that this gun is OP.


People these days

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    well i know what you mean but the type 95 is a little too accurate and overpowered for its level that you unlock it at... i know its a burst fire but i think of it like an upgraded FAMAS off MW2

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    Im only lvl 32, so i havent tried all the guns yet. But i bet the type 95 is the new Famas and mp40 of mw3.


    yes, it is a burst fire gun, but you can burst it so quickly, that it basically is full auto.  Add on rapid fire and well....

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    Ya I know, right? People should at least wait a week to call out the blatantly overpowered guns!



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      It seems there will be people complaining about overpowered weapons in every game that ever comes out. I don't think people will be happy until everyone is only allowed to use one weapon. I personally like to use all the weapons. Yes, I have my favorites, but i pick my favorites based on feel and my playing style not any other reason. If you think something is overpowered, I only have one question for you. Why don't you use that weapon then?