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  • 10. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    Quick-scoping is not sniping; it's cheap and overpowered. That's no excuse to ignore traditional snipers that use the gun properly, just to appease the minority.

  • 11. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    yea i know ever scince COD WaW there have been no maps were you can really snipe. alot of the maps are medium sized with a lot of buildings. One of the most important things in that there is no ELEVATION. most sniping maps have some buildings where you can climb up and some wher you can look straight ahead. maps could have been better but they are good so far

  • 12. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    I have hardly even touched a sniper rifle now in MW3. I have not gotten to claymores yet but with the bouncing betties, you only get one and they can't be resupplied with Savenger. Hopefully with the actually claymores, it's different. Yes, giving Snipers the Machine Pistols and the perk Overkill can help but still doesn't balance out like back in CoD4 MW. Why couldn't they understand that, CoD4 is their best since then. Far more balanced than WaW, MW2 and especially Black Ops. Double claymores or being able to resupply them. In CoD4, when I sniped (at) someone, I didn't have to worry about having some enemy rush up at me within a couple seconds. With the upcoming DLCs, please be larger maps that aren't as "Run and Gun" as the maps are now...

  • 13. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    I have claymores, they are MUCH better than the bouncing betties. I don't know about resupplying them though.

  • 14. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    Is it just a single claymore or do you start off with two?

  • 15. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    One I wish it were two it would make sniping feel a lot safer (but i just run the I.M.S to make up for the lack of another claymore).

  • 16. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    yeah! I totally agree, I hope the future maps are big enough to snipe, and yeah quickscoping is retarded!

  • 17. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    Yeah, the Bouncing Betty leaves a lot to be desired; my biggest problem, however, is still the lack of clear sight lines, and linear/wide-sweep sniper positions. On top of that, even with Marksman (this particularly goes for the Bakaraa map), you still can't get a clear shot for all the dust and debris blowing around. That's something coming from a guy who has an 1080p HD monitor.


    I'd like to see more maps like Hazard, Afghan, and Wasteland; large areas for snipers to play on efficiently.

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    Sniping is fine, from what I've seen. I have only seen 1 quickscoper so far, and I know as a fact I'm not one, so obviously you're just not finding the right positions, or you're trying too hard to play exactly like you've always done. I can snipe even on that map that takes place in a mall(Arkaden or something like that...) it's not that hard.

  • 19. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    Mhhh let see some good hardscoping maps (I do this):

    Dome (yes, Dome), Seatown, Arkaden, Bakaara, Resistance, Bootleg, Village, Outpost, Mission. 9 out of 16 maps for me is enough

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