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  • 20. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    It's more than fine to disagree with decisions made by the developtment teams, but please refrain from being vulgar, rude and obscene in your posts. If you can't be mature, your thread will be locked.

  • 21. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    So does disabling Theater Mode sort some of the issues with reducing some of the host disadvantage?

  • 22. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    wow threatened by a forum mod for disagreeing with something big surprise.

  • 23. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    For the sake of discussion: This is incorrect. Unless it's proven otherwise by developers, anti-lag doesn't throttle packets. It has generally been the same since COD4 and it is an algorithm. Give it a search to learn about it.

  • 24. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    I warned you not to be immature. I simply asked you not to resort to calling people you don't know derogatory names. I'm fine with you not appreciating anti-lag.

  • 25. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    hold on...who did i call derogatory names? have i mentioned anyone in particular? i think not.......you have butted in because i slated your precious black ops and its well known you can't have that aye foxhound??? lock the thread makes no odds to me nor does banning me from them....all because i dare to post in frustration at a yet another decent game being ruined like black ops was lol!! nevermind anyway i have a life and a job to go to so have away doubt i will come back to this thread anyway because nobody worth 2 figs who can do owt reads them.

  • 26. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    Struggling too,


    My heart burns in my chest when i hear those 12 year old kids laugh.

    Please fix this put! Put all the lame connections together and do the same with the good ones.

  • 27. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    well, then IW needs to figure out why hosts have a death sentence.. And your not part of IW, your just a moderator.


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  • 28. Re: Remove Latency Compensation!!!!

    Your original thread title literally stated "Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses." Any way you cut it, that is derogatory and simply uncalled for. The number one problem with developer to user interaction is the ability of many users to post without an immature or ignorant approach. You just exemplified both issues.


    Now, I understand that you're passionate about the issue, which is why I didn't lock it from the get go, and gave you a simple warning. It doesn't bother me what you think about anti-lag, Black Ops or I. I simply care that you follow the rules and post in a constructive manner. You can fill your thread with arbitrary and pointless justifications for why I entered, but it was the thread title that flagged the issue and I attempt to read most content. I basically have to.


    Again: If you're simply going to be immature or hostile, then I'll save us the time of future interactions on this thread by locking it.

  • 29. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    I really don't understand the unnecessary hostility in this thread. I pointed out clear facts and suggested people educate themselves on the matter rather than refer to empirical evidence.


    Stating facts and general information isn't power tripping. Locking a thread without care would be. That isn't happening here.

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