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    I really haven't noticed a difference from switching it off. One thing tho is that in blackops the only one recording was the host, if everyone is recording that could be part of the problem.

  • 31. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    I guess, I just don't hold a high opinion of you. I seen you through a little power around quite a bit on the Black Ops forum for the pickiest reasons. Mostly because the said individual didn't agree with your view points, or pointed out that a frequent forum visitor and or your friends were being hostile. You would then pass out bans saying they were attacking said individuals which was the complete opposite. So you are going to have to regain some trust back. I personally don't believe you are fit to be a moderator. There is an obvious problem, and there is a definate latency issue, or in simpler terms "delay" for the game's host. I actually know a lot about the subject as a CCNA. But didn't think it was coded into the game untill I read the forums. I thought it was just me, but once thinking about it, it's pretty clear that is what is going on.

  • 32. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    I appreciate you editing your original response.


    In regards to your statements about my character and candor: Like me or don't like me, but it doesn't matter in the end as long as logic and constructive discussion prevails.


    On topic: I agree that I've experienced host selection issues and I don't like how the game handles some things. I'm still not experiencing horrendous or frequent lag as a client or host.

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    yeah so the killcams your looking at are not accurate. They just aren't. Oh and because the US is like 17th in the world in internet quality and speed (go figure huh) if IW were not to try and compensate for crap connections, they would lose out pretty bad. Sorry, just the way it is until the country catches up with the rest of the world. Freakin South Korea has at least 1Gb down for every household in the country. Peace

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    i have 30mb/s internet, and i played most of the day like a beast.. but the later it got the worse the connections got... i would pull up on guys and my sight would be right on the guys chest and i would have to shot like 10 rounds before any rounds would count as hits.. yet they would take me out like nothin.. pretty frustrating.

  • 35. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    I didn't start the thread, nor did I insult any developer. I did edit my response, and sorry I attacked you personally. But it upsets me because I think you are doing what most of the developers are doing. And denying that people are experiencing real problems as host. I have experienced much of what is described in this thread. I thought that maybe the latency issues and packet issues were with my ISP. But on ping tests I would consistently get 51mbps down and 5mbps up, with 9ms latency. So, I do believe there is a issue in the hard coding not present with COD4. Host in COD4 gave you a serious advantage, same with MW2. In Black Ops, and even worse in MW3. Its like you might as well give the host the option to commit suicide for thier deaths.

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    I quite like MW3 with a few exceptions but the fact that overly aggressive lag comp is back in full force is honestly infuriating. They'll obviously need some time to adjust things but if they pretend there's nothing going on like Treyarch did, I think the sh!t is going to hit the fan.


    People are more familiar this time around and a quick google search on the issue shows that this level of lag comp is not sitting well with core gamers. I'm just PO'd because I really had faith that IW and Sledgehammer would have absolutely minimized this kind of BS on a game engine that they've had soooo long to work on.

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    Yeah, this is why if when searching for a game and I see my ping search go above 100 I back out and try again. No sense in even trying to play against someone with a ping that high.

  • 38. Re: Remove Latency Compensation You Jackasses!!!!

    The response you cited, the one in this discussion tree, is the one I was appreciative of.


    I'm not really dismissing anyone. I don't agree with some statements, such as that the entire coding is borked, but I haven't come out and stated that someone's lag is wrong or not occurring. That'd be reputation suicide and I know it isn't the case.


    I'm simply going off of what I have experienced. I have a 30/5 connection and a relatively low ping, about 10, but I haven't experienced anything catastrophic imposed by the game. It's been the product of things we identify immediately. We know that one of our friends has line issues with his ISP. He cuts out all the time and one of our friends had a horrible router that would flake out easily. Each have or were remedied in time.


    I'm always willing to admit that I don't know the code 100%, I'm not a developer, so there is room for issue. I just don't experience it. If I did, I'd be vocal about it. Very.

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    I just downgraded my net from 20mb to 3mb just so I can play the game, no way am I going to get screwed like I did on Black Ops no doubt this will be completely ignored just like Treyarch ignored it.


    So yeah I downgraded my internet because I'm not spending £90 on a game just to be slapped around by someone with a poor 1mb ADSL connection, no sir thank you.

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