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I'm so dissapointed in this game.....

I took the wait and see approach on this one.  After BO, I decided to let Activision know that I wanted some kind of improvements with this game and the only way that will happen is if we do the talking with our wallets.  Well, the critic reviews were better than I had expected.  Now, there is no doubt in my mind, that Activision pays critics for good reviews.  I should have listened to the meta-critic user reviews.  You can say that some 0's, but not all 0's, are haters, or BF3 fanboys or whatever.  But then you also have to say that some 10's, but not all 10's are CoD fanboys.  So I pick up the game yesterday and I did think about returning it before I got home from work.  But, I do have fun with CoD, and I do travel for work and over long stays I take my xbox and I want something to play.  So, I figured this would be good.  All the reviews said this is CoD, and you know what you're going to get.   Unfortunatly, no, since you did inaccuriate reviews, I didn't know what I was getting.


Well I have never been so dissapointed in a game in my 30 year old life...


I played a few hours of multiplayer last night.  First and formost the graphics are awefull.  The animation is clunky.  The levels look gritty, uninspired and knock offs of prior CoD levels.  It literally looks like the devs took mud, and just splashed it over ever damn level.  Why is everything so damn brown? 


Why in the world do I have to play 27 horrible levels to get to Assassin?  OH GOOD!  I get to get my ass kicked by campers with HBS until level 27!  THANKS DEVS!  I knew people would use this, but I guess I was thinking this would be like BO and could use any perk I wanted after level 5.  One of the perks is what, level 50 something?   At least BO got that right.  What a dumb idea.  Give me 1 reason why it is a good idea? 


Speaking of crutches, why are HBS back in this game?  I knew they would be, but I guess I could get the perks to counter those dumb band-aids pretty much right off the bat.  At least blind eye is level 11. 


I did ok in my games last night, but I played for about 45 minutes, turned off my XBox and watched TV.  About an hour later, I decided that I should give it more time.  So I go back in game.  Play 1 match and want to see what my K/D and W/L is.  I go to elite, and I have to exit the game.  Seriously?  Why isn't this implimented in game?  So Elite starts, and after about a minute or 2 i'm logged in.  Ok great!  I go to career stats and after 3 min of loading, I just dashboard out of it.  What a good idea, that is done horribly wrong.  What a piece of crap elite is.  Thank god I decieded to wait to spend $50.


I'll give this game 24 hours /played, but I have a sneaking suspission that I might not even want to wait that long.  The only good thing is the Prestige store.  I've been asking for this for years.  I can finally prestige, and keep 1 gun to level with all over again.  It is a great idea and i'm glad that they are doing it this way.  [b]EXCEPT[/b] I won't be prestiging because I don't want to play 27 dumb levels..........again...........to get owned by HBS!


This is my last CoD game.  Thanks for killing a great franchise by lazyness and greed Activision.  Can't wait until your cash cows run out!