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Previous CoD game prestige to token conversions

Hello Devs and gamers,


So there was an announcement that through CoD Elite, we will get a 'prestige token' in MW3 for every time we prestiged in a previous CoD game starting with CoD4. My question is, is it every time we prestiged in each game we get a token or we get a token for every game since CoD4 that we prestiged in. Example: if someone prestiged 10 times in CoD4, W@W, MW2, and Blops each, do they get 40 tokens (one for each prestige) or they get 4 tokens (one for each game prestiged in) for MW3? Also, for us PC people, if anyone remembers, CoD4 had no prestige option, we had all our create-a-classes unlocked from the get go, do we lose out or do we get one because we played CoD4 on pc online for any given amount of time? Also, there's the addressing that some people cheated their way to high prestiges in past games; is there any way the devs are looking into that? Thoughts anyone? Please comment!