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The Party System and Voice Chat

The party system is not as good in MW3 as I had hoped.  The party is always closed so you can't just hop into a lobby with your buddies.  That means you have to invite them when you are ready to play and then wait for them to invite you back and then back out to the PS3 buddy list and accept the invite.  It's pretty stupid not to be able to 1) join a lobby that is open (or should be) and 2) have to go outside of the game to accept an invite.


The voice chat is HORRIBLE in MW3.  People sound fuzzy and like they are talking through a can full of gravel.  I have Astro A40s and people have told me that my mic sounds bad as well.  This was never an issue in Black Ops so this is something that also needs to be fixed.

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    The voice is ****...but hey at least a little better than bf3's voice....so me and my friends use skype for this....why can't IW just go to treyarch and ask how they did it with bo :/

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      The voice chat is perfectly fine for me, get a better headset. also the party system is WAY better than it ever has been, you can change party leaders without disbanding the party, and YES YOU CAN join an open lobby, you just go to the player and click join party...quit complaining.

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        Have no problem at all with the party system, and yes i love that you can change party leaders, awesome.. Clearly a step forward!

        But the QUALITY on the voice chat, it sounds even worse than mw2, but bo is awesome(almost skype quality on it)....What headset do you have that seems to have good quality in all games?

        And how can it be my headsets fault when bo has good quality? Did they make it just for use on bo or what?

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    Every single player speaking on mic that I have come across sounds like they are under water and are barely understandable. I just mute everyone right away, it's too distracting. BO was crystal clear for the most part.

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    I have got the same problems with voicechat: Robotic, very hard to understand voices but gamesounds are great. When in party with one person I can understand a little of what he says. When with more it's very hard to understand. I use a Astro Mixamp with Sennheiser PC360 but the problem is appearing as well when I don't use the headset but use chatsound over my TV. In Blackops: no problems, chrystal clear voicechat.


    Yesterday I took my PS3, my headset, and my MW3 (hardenend) to a friend of mine to test some combinations:


    My PS3 with my MW3 disc: Robotic voices

    My PS3 with friends MW3 disc: Robotic voices

    My PS3 with Black ops: Normal voices

    Friends PS3 with my MW3 disc: Normal voices

    Friends PS3 with his MW3 disc: Normal voices

    Friends PS3 with Black ops: Normal voices


    So it seems to be a combination of my PS3 with MW3. Only thinghs I can come up with: sofware or hardware problems in my PS3. So I'll backup my gameprogress files, format my harddisc, reinstall an older firmware version and test it again.

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    The party system really is annoying me I can never party up with family and friends well I "lied" we can get into party just getting into a game NOT GOING TO HAPPEN fullstop I have two PS3's and when we both go in with some people the other " PS3 of mine " and more will be booted from the lobby PLEASE any help ?

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    I noticed when playing MW2 for the first time in a long time (right before the MW3 release) that the voice quality was terrible there too.


    Maybe this is just an Infinity Ward thing and they don't care if you can understand your team mates.  It's like a challenge to play when you can only hear every other word! Fun!

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      i got the same problem on my ps3... the sound is awefull... and noticed the same thing on mw2.. i'm not sure if they are even going to bother to fix it, because on xbox they have partychat, so they dont use "ingame" chat. And like everything else cod relatet xbox gets special treatment...


      I hope I am wrong!

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    I have a PX21 headset and had the fuzzy voice during chat. I went to the game options menu and turned the voice volume slider almost all of the way off and it cleared the fuzzy away. It may help you and it may not.