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    I have been an avid Call of Duty series player since the good ol PS2 COD BRO.  I loved COD4, I think to this day the best game that has been put out for the COD series.  The maps were perfect, you could hold places down, there were not a lot of buildings to hide in corners in, balanced for sniping and run/gunning.  The kill streaks were the same for everyone, and yes easy to get...BUT, there was no camping for a nuke going on in COD4...there was still camping, there is camping in every game.  But I had more fun playing COD4 than BOPs and MW2 combined. There was a reason why they brought the map packs in MW2 to include the COD4 games.  I am not going to say MW2 was great.  I thought some of the perks were ridiculous (one man army), the guns were unbalanced.  BOPs, was a different look and feel than MW2.  I enjoy aspects of this game better than I enjoyed MW2.  Maps were a bit of an improvement, not overly but some, guns were a tad better, I enjoyed the pro perks...they were a challenge and fun to work towards.


    Now for MW3, I truely believe this should have been an expansion pack for MW2.  The campaign is great and I enjoy the spec ops...overall fun to play.  The multiplayer IMHO is not great.  The maps are terrible.  I am thinking playing competitively here, and you normally look for good routes, areas of the map to section yourself off. They are all over the place, way to many buildings and rooms, streets, PLUS the crap they put everywhere...seriously do I need to get stuck on a tire or garbage can every 5 seconds?  Why not bring in simplified maps that people do not have to spend 5 minutes of the game trying to find someone.  I have yet to find a map that is overly good in this game...they are all very bad.  When you combine spawn points...they are absolutely terrible.  I truely hope they fix these spawns and the DLC has some far better maps.  It is sad when I go into a game and can see MW2 maps with a twist...highrise, downpour, to name a few. 


    The perk system is a joke IMO.  BOPs you had to work to get a pro perk...I I played the game for just over an hour and acheived 4 pro perks already??? seriously?  Give us a challenge so not everyone under the sun can get the perk.  It is fun being challenged in a game, and so far I have yet to see that. 


    I am not going to get into the lag issues or matchmaking...if you all recall MW2 the trouble we had for these issues, which eventually was patched (for the most part).  It is part of the game, and I will wait for these to be fixed. 


    Now the guns, I like, I have only unlocked a few so far, but no real complaints as I have not played with a huge variety...I have seen quickscoping and its a joke...enough said about that.


    Now onto the kill streaks....I think this was a huge mistake for the developers to put these 'assault, support' packages in that you don't even NEED to get kills in a row to get.  Come on guys, BOPs mastered the kill streak in my opinion, no stacking, just your killstreaks when you acheive them you get them until you die.


    There has been some talk above about BF3, this was the first BF besides the PS2 version I have owned.  I am a faithful Call of Duty player, and frankly I am just disappointed with MW3.  BF3 is by far a much funner (not really a word) game.  It is just plain ol fun to play.  But to say its perfect..its not by anymeans...party system, communication system, etc etc etc.  But the game itself...is fun. MW3 is not really fun at all, its frustrating.


    Okay, well that is my 2 cents on the matter.  Love it or hate it.  But this is my opinion and from having owned and played the COD series for many many years I am very disappointed with what was put out.

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    It took me the same amount of time to read the last comment as it did to prestige in MW3, i also got a headache from doin both

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    mw3 sucks ass

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    Its a joke to unlock challenges? No Black Ops was a joke you just buy everything you want. It was no challenge in that at all.



    Black Ops killstreaks slowed down the game and was not balanced at all. Once you got an 8 killstreak you basicly run the game.



    They made the maps the way it is to make objectives more enjoyable(instead of the 3 people sitting on the 3 classic routes). Its also done this way to make smgs more effective. Once the spawns get changed lets then talk about the maps. I dont think people like them because of the spawning and with the game the way it is. They would spawn a few feet away from you but there are so many ways to get to your location its hard not to die after shooting your gun.

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    ,terrible spawns,all maps roughly the same,some even look like they been stolen from mw2,arcade gameplay,get a care package die then try again,no end of campers, all out boring mw2.5 in my opinion....u just said everything i thought black ops compared to this was ace treyarch make better cod games come to think of it so do dice ...no skill wat so ever im reverting back to black ops dissapointing i love battlefield 3 and not care wot any 1 says thanx

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    MW3 SUCKS! Blck Ops was easily 100 times better and in my opinion MW2 was way better than MW3. I want my money back and I will buy Battlefield 3.

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    You read my mind! I want a Refund and I can then purchase Battlefield 3

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    Lol the only reason the chat is garbage is because your using a shitty 5$ platic xbox mic with *** stains on it.


    Get a good headset and then say again that the chat is garbage,

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    The biggest issue I have with MW3 is the maps and the lack of interaction with the enviroment, I can't climb on or over anything. It would be nice to be able to climb up on things or go over walls, even a simple trash dumpster or a barrel. I have to agree that some maps are too small and just a single layer maze with no real thought to different styles of gameplay, not everybody runs and guns, hard to play sniper when you don't have any vantage points to work from.

    I would expect the spawn system to get better as the bugs get worked out. I do like the perks system and the assult-support- special ops kilstreaks system

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