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I want to start off by addressing the general gamers that will read this. I'm a COD fan plain and simple. I would consider myself to be above average in the COD games that I've played. I strictly play TDM and I typically go 2.0 KD with ease. The things that I'm about to say have absolutely nothing to do with me (as I've read in other posts) "getting shitted on", or not performing well in Modern Warfare 3. So before you begin with the "oh he must suck" or "learn to play" comments, just don't waste your time reading this because they are not productive in any way. I am simply stating my opinion and that's what these forums are for. My opinions may seem blunt and abbrasive, but it's the nature of how I communicate. If you agree with anything that I'm saying please feel free to support my opinion. If you do not agree, I would expect a mature and logical response to the things I'm saying. Thanks.


Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Activision,


Why did you make such drastic map layout changes? I feel as though you didn't consider how each match performs based on the host. It's common knowledge that the host selection can significanly impact a players performance throughout the course of the game. Throughout my experience with MW2 and Black Ops, I was successful because I was able to adapt to the connection of the host that was chosen. If it was a good host for me, I could easily maneuver and "run and gun" without any issues. If I got one of those 3 bars (fluctuating to 2 yellow bars) games I would sit back and play more tactically. I would try to control an area simply because I would lose to other similiarly matched players purely because of the connection. I know that many of you out there know what I'm talking about. Those kills where you dump 3/4 of a magazine into someone and get absolutely no confirmation of taking any damage and then appear to be "instakilled". Then you watch the killcam and it shows that you didn't even fire a single round!


**** My point being that these particular map layouts are a gigantic clusterfu**, and do not allow a player to adapt based on connection ( in most cases). The maps are incredibly small and one-dimensional. The vertical vantage points are practically non existent. The majority of each map is tight corners and promote close quarters (quick reflex) "in your face" engagements. Don't get me wrong..... gun on gun, fast-paced gameplay is GREAT! However, when I've got a horrible host and I'm CONSTANTLY getting killed based on my opponents superior connection to the host, this game flat out sucks. Because other players obviously struggle with these same problems, they either resort to "camping" or brainlessly abandoning all tactical play and just going balls out (try hard style) and ruining the entire tactical feel to the game. The "campers" are pissing you off when you have a good connection because they're in one of the very many hiding spots on the one dimensional maps and pop you on the way by (as your expecting gun on gun gameplay). The "try hards" just ruin the flow of the game all together. When you're playing TDM an entire opposition of these types of players ultimately turn the game into both squads getting really bad K/D's just because they don't give a shi*. The bottom line is that your netcode is crap. I'm a computer information systems major, and I know just enough to know that between now and the last two versions of COD games that you could have easily gone with dedicated servers or created a better model to equalize the varieties of connections to selected host. I was annoyed with Black Ops host selection, but this is a serious step backwards. I don't want to be that guy that lays in a bush or in a corner with my *** planted on the wall because of my extreme disadvantage based on the host choice. I routinely get into games where one team will have four bars and my whole team will be 3 bars that fluctate to 2 yellow and/or 1 red. The host never changes during these signal fluctuations.This is unacceptable.


****NEW PARAGRAPH- I wanted to say that this is a new paragraph because I think it needs the special attention.... The spawning is the worst I've EVER seen in any FPS. I routinely get killed by people spawning directly behind me. I also routinely kill people that spawn directly in front of me. The shoebox sized maps that you have provided DO NOT work with your current programming (code/formulas) for spawning. I'm sure you folks played Black Ops. Do you remember what NukeTown was like before Treyarch fixed their spawn issues? That's how every map is on MW3. It's absolutely ridiculous. Not only are you throwing 12 players into a shoebox, but you are seemingly randomizing the spawns. This is unacceptable to me.


Unfortunately I'm a "sucker" and I was pulled into the hype because of my previous experiences with COD games. Everything that you promoted with your advertising was brilliant. I absolutely love the new class set ups, weapons, killstreak tiers, and non-currency related unlocks. I love how you implemented the titles and emblems. There are many positive things that came from from this new COD game, but the things that I mentioned prior to this paragraph ruin it for myself and my fairly substancially sized community of friends that previously enjoyed COD games.


I've got 10-15 hours into this game. I kept on playing it because I'm such a big COD fan and up until this evening I just wanted to "adjust" and "adapt" to the new style but I simply can't. These maps are absolutely horrible. You have abandoned what myself and LITERALLY all of my xbox live friends have come to appreciate about COD. Typically we play for an hour or so and then the negative comments just snowball into everyone quitting and saying that they wished they hadn't traded in their other COD games for this one. If myself and my friends are the only people out there that feel this way, then congrats to all of you that are thouroughly enjoying this game. For those of you that feel the same please leave a response. I would be very surprised if they even read this feedback, but the more people that support this thread (and keep it at the top of the forum), then the better chance there will be that the voice will be heard. Infiinity Ward (Robert Bowling) preaches that their after sales support will be top notch. Let's see if it's really "top notch". Time will tell. A one paragraph response to a post this size would be a great start.


Happy Gaming