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Canada matchamaking region lock?

Hi Im a canadian ,and I dont know whats really happens, when I bought the game at nov 8 . Everything went perfect, I was able to play with my USA friends and was able to find ALOT of game, search never take more than 5 seconds. Now I dont know what happening, I only find Quebec players and canadians. And if I want to join one of my friends lobby (USA) It tell me the host, bla bla bla and other error messages.


I played BF3, Black ops , mw2 and NEVER having issues to host or to join anny foreign lobbies so far. Did they make a local matchmakin only. I dont want to spent the whole year playing with the same people for ever and ever. Please Fix it gave me the same options as black ops or make it like BF3 so I can chose witch region I want to play. I dont care if I lag like crazy I just want to play with my friends.