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Making a camping clan.

I am making a camping clan. I am looking for people that want to camp and enjoy teamwork.


We may sometimes camp in the same room with all riot shields


We may sometimes camp in pairs


You can use whatever weapons you want


This is for PS3.


If you would like to join list your psn id (gamertag) below and I will add you.


We will mostly play hardcore tdm

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    WTFF, a camping clan? Camping is the noobiest way how to get at least some points in a game like this. The fact, that you want to start up a whole clan for sitting around like a complete idiot, sometimes 2 idiots next to each other, makes me laugh. And this spectacular noob being in hardcore mode, where people dont see the killcam and see how you lie under the table like dumbass. Kids like you hopely get banned on every server you will appear. Thats not gaming, thats crap for 10 years old children, maybe you are......

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    This clann is already full of fail!