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OMG i just went 4-44, then 2-30, then 4-24 THIS GAME IS BROKEN

Im a 1.98 player on WAW, im a 2.07 player on BO, and just went 4-44, 2-30, and 4-24 playing domination on MW3. I cant play it anymore as its making me want to smash my TV im getting that angry. Im currently about a 0.50 player on this carp, I cant even cap flags anymore. I usually get double figure caps on BO, on this game im lucky to get the spawn start flag. I set my streaks at 12,14,18 on support, and I havent had 1 yet in 2 days play. I cant kill, I cant cap, and I aint enjoying the game, so YET AGAIN im back off to BO


TO PROVE ITS BROKEN, I just lost it completely and stood there for the last 3 mins of the last game I played, and I watched a bloke approach me, unload on me for about 15secs and I didnt take any damage! He ran out of ammo and had to knife me, AND I WASNT EVEN MOVING !!


Im thru guys, until the patch at least, maybe for good, I dont know, but I cant play something thats isnt fun, and this certainly isnt.

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