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Quick scoping, skill or unfair advantage?


Is it me or has 'quick scoping' in this brand new game caused it to create its own little klicky group of players ( when I say little I mean everyone!) this is the next level, you don't need to be close in aiming, there is no skill being a sniper anymore ( this position should've and used to be a challenge and a skill) it used to be when you played your clan mates would call out a camper and up the sniper pops and BOOM. It has been lost.


I would like to hear from positive and negative comments what you think about this in the game?


Watch this montage, the guy is good but it shows the stupidity of this strange game setting choice for the games makers.



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    My take on this is simple: I consider it exploiting a flaw/fail in the game design. I give anyone I see doing this, a poor review, since I don't want to play with them again. It is not skill and it's not really an advantage per se but it IS annoying to see someone not taking the game seriously. The feature is indeed unrealistic and it ruins part of the gameplay for me. I consider using it to be just as bad as anyone who mods their clan tag or jumps into various glitches. It's unsportsmanlike in my opinion.

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    I wish they would take it out. Its easier to do then in MW2. The funny thing is even BF3 u can quick scope in it xD   

    It seems the 2 biggest games have been desided by their developpers that quick scoping is needed. Seriously they need to take it out as it ruins gameplay.

    I can be playing a game getting right into it, getting a good killstreak going and such dieing here and there then i turn a corner just for a guy to be running and without aiming fire hiw sniper from probly a good 10 feet and kill me. watching the killcam he doesnt even have to zoom in. Totally ruins the game for me.

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    I left a game earlier as I didn't fancy the map much so I click on find game and it puts me straight back in that game, so I decide to spectate for a bit.


    There was a "quickscoper" on my team so i decide to watch him in the 1 minute before I got kicked his score was 3-14 because he was crap at it.


    If you want to quickscope fine but do it in FFA because then the score only affects 1 person then.


    For every quickscoper who goes positive there are 10 that don't.


    Skill or luck who knows.

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    In my opinion it's a cheating glitch, they need the amount of time it takes to scope in, because for those that are legit snipers, it's not going to affect them        

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    Oddly enough I havent run into very many quickscopers AT ALL, maybe a couple out of all my matches, and maybe only killed like ONCE by one, so even though its back, Im glad I havent run into the bunch of people that have re-adopted the technique. It is alot easier to q.s on this game I think, as I've tried it and was impressed how smooth it works, but q.s ing isnt my thing I jsut wanted to try it out. But with all the guns, and all the leveling you have to do to them, it seems everyone is using different weapons instead of a whole match full of quick scopers. Then again, I play mostly objective games where if there are any snipers msot of them are camping hardscopers. Soooo, maybe you've jsut had a bad run of q.s er teams, but I havent seen many of them...yet...


    my 2 cents



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    it's UNFAIR considering you can't hey 1 hit kills with shotguns, yet you can with a sniper, plain stupid, I think black ops sniping was more challenging and satisfactory, now everyone can run around with snipers QS

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    In my opinion its an exploit plain and simple,the only reason IW puts it in there game is for maximum sales full stop I completely detest Treyarch games but at least they listen to their gamers,MW could be so so much better if IW would listen to us.

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    Yeah at least 3arc was posting in the forums daily

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    Yeah at least 3arc was posting in the forums daily

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