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Mw3 at the Wii + Gamecube controllers + Community????

Alright i have one simple question, and then one more complicated question.


1. Does Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii support Gamecube controllers?


2. I dont have any friends who play and Call of duty game on the Wii. We do play the game on the PC though. And i have friends playing it on the Xbox (i got an Xbox and a Wii) But after playing Black Ops on the Xbox 360 i have grown tired of all the kids and Quickscopers, though i want Mw3 for a console too. Is it worth buying on the Wii? not just gameplaywise but i would like to find some new online players to play matches with, and just have fun talking about random stuff and just have a great time, wich i dont think i can get while playing on the Xbox Version. i have heard rumors that people that are playing on the Wii is there because of the good community, or is it just a xbox/ps3 community full of stupid kids that trickshots all the time and screams in their microphone?



Thanks for your time. I dont have a Friend Code online yet though i dont play on my Wii at all, though i can pick it up and dust it off again!


Looking forward to play with you!


// Antezz