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MY CLAN MAKING PROBLEM. any1 else have the same and if there is a fix to it plz say! thanks.

hey i tryed makeing a clan it just tell me to keep entering a name to make. like this.


  1. click connect
  2. go to clans
  3. click in make clan
  4. click in box and type clan name
  5. box with founder clan xp boost appears.
  6. clicks continue
  7. get this red box with in it saying please type a clan name
  8. re-type the name and nothing happens
  9. redo step 8 thousands of times
  10. becomes enraged
  11. drives to beachhead studios
  12. looks for boss
  13. pisses in his wheaties ( does not acctually happen)


so im acctually tempted to ask some1 to log on to my acc and make my clan for me. but i know i cant trust ppl with it and they may change acc pass and everything and use my sh1t.. so i wont.


    some1 help