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           Ask yourself, Have you got something from Activision for Pre ordering MW3 or worse pre ordering or pre paying for ELITE year sub?


   I'll answer that... They give us the FOUNDER STAT, and that comes with some camo, double WPs, etc. And that was for pre ordering or pre paying for the subscription (Elite). That opportunity was till the 13, and yes they have their problem and is good that they rxtended the activation for FOUNDER STAT, but for other people that didnt separated a copy or paid for elite before launch date now they can buy it buy till the end of the month and they will have our priviliges???? WTHell!!

     We didnt got any addons for buying MW3 like any other game, for example, if u buy a game that u reserved a copy w Gamestop, there is a code to redeem when u pick up and we didnt got one with MW3, Are they special?

     Plus we pre paid for Elite and taht gave us the Founder Stat, now they are going to give it to us, and anybody else that buys it after the deadline that was the 13th. So what we loyal customer get for reseving a Hardened or MW3 w Elite Package? Same treatment as somebody that wants to buy the game after the 13th. Sorry Activision but everyday u lookin and caring more fore the money than taking care for the people that trust in ur product. Another words, 109 dollars for a game that do not recompensate u for that loyalty. And is been four days or 96 hours and havent got my FOUNDER, Made a Question in Activision forum with pci from my ps3 app workin and no green skull. Here is the link:     http://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/activision.cfg/php/enduser/myq_idp.php?p_ iid=1556914&p_created=1321252313&p_sid=Em*p*3Jk&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_ srch=&p_lva=&p_sp=&p_li=&p_page=1&p_allorg=1&p_srch=&p_sort_by=&p_gridsort=&p_ro w_cnt=4%2C4&p_prods=&p_cats=&p_pv=&p_cv=&p_srch=



Hopefully the link works but is under TOORBO and reference#    111114-002077                                                                    


Register and activate year sub the 8th and still no FOUNDER, why? I can get i... [Incident: 111114-002077]

THANKS EVERYONE THAT COMMENT. I would love for them to see this and the people that agrees w me.