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MW3 = MW2 Reloaded

you guys had promised to go back to the roots of modern warfare with mw3...

so we have expected ranked dedicated servers... punkbuster support... linux dedicated server files...


but what you have delivered is only a remake of MW2...a bigger DLC

you took mw2 added the alterIWnet serverfunction mixed it with new maps... et voila... MW3 was born...



if you dont improve this game (ranked dedis... linux files etc...) you can put your 20 DLCs where the sun is never shining...

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    Not that I will ever buy an overpriced dlc.....damnit I bought MW3

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    +1, PC's don't buy any DLC until they don't fix game.

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    thing is, mw2 on alteriwnet servers are ranked , making them better than mw3 servers...

    i posted this to 402 and on iw forums as well a while back, guess what, no reply..

    my question was, " How come alteriwnet can set up ranked servers for mw2 and iw cant?"


    we need to bombard 402 with the ranked server option ( but looks like hes away on a holiday, just as the **** hits the fan)


    basically mw3 is just a rehash of mw2 with new maps and unranked servers, (you are spot on m8), this doesnt mean things cant be salvaged.. they should give the pc community ranking on servers and unranked for mod servers (oops i said the M wqord) these are things we should not be having to beg for, we are the customers , and customers should always be KINGS.. a basic business rule iw/activision seem to have forgot.

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      So stop supporting this shitty company? Everyone is ******** about how the game has been trash since MW's release, but you all bought MW2, MW2:BO, and MW3. Stop buying the shitty games.


      Not that I am a supporter of piracy, but I mean...I only buy a game after I have pirated it and played it. I don't drop 60 dollars on a game because of hype. You guys should know by now that corporations don't give a **** about you.


      Xbox360 and PS3 is by far a more lucrative business than PC gaming, and you guys expect them to cater to you? Shame.