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    I've been pretty much only playing Kill Confirmed since release and I have found the maps excellent for this game mode.

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    100% agree, I thought it was the first map I played, but then I found out that they all sucked pretty bad

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    ondsnap wrote:


    First off, let me say that I have over 57, yes you read correctly, 57 DAYS of online play on MW2.  I love all the MW2 maps with the exception of Rust, Highrise, and Scrapyard.  Too many grenade launchers in those maps for me.  Out of the 26 playable maps, those are the only 3 that I didn't like.  All of the MW3 maps are horrible in my opinion.  The maps in MW2 had better flow.  There were areas you could get to that gave you an advantage, i.e. the boat house roof in Estate, the top of the building in Terminal, the top of the building in Kirachi, etc...You can't climb on half of the items in MW3 maps.  Exploring a map and finding areas in private matches on new maps made it exciting and fun.  Plus, if things got too heated up in a match, you knew of a couple of areas that you could get to, catch your breath, and get back into the action.  This isn't an option in the MW3 maps.  There is ALWAYS 3 or 10 ways to get into a house, shack, etc.  I hope that IW considers releasing ALL of the MW1 and MW2 maps to play with in this game.  I hate to think that they won't do this.  Do you think the MW2 maps were better?  I'm curious as to what the rest of the community thinks.


    The maps are new and you don't know them like the back of your hand yet...


    ... give it time...


    ... or continue the hyperbole. Your choice.

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    They need to fire Robert Bowling and Sledge Hammer.

    Have everyone send in MW3, give them there money back.

    Have Treyarch patch MW2.

    Send Treyarch to map school.

    Then see if Treyarch, can make maps under supervision.

    The MW3 maps are cluttered mazes,

    Anyone else on the face of the planet earth can make better maps then this.

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    When MW2 Came out everyone Complained the maps were too big now your complaining theyre too small! Lol!!!!

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    I agree these maps do blow but i think you are over exagerrating a bit i mean you played MW2 for like 1/6 of a year, maybe a change of scenary is a good thing.  I mean you don't like them because you don't know every little ***** hole and bullshit like that.


    These maps do seem to be small cluttered in more than 1 way to get to a perch making it almost impossible to guard off a place.  DUMB

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    Honestly I think the maps are perfectly fine. With the exception of Dome, no map is really a cluster f*ck as some of you make it seem like. I have about 15 hrs of play online, and it took me about 10 of those to figure out the maps. Honestly, they aren't that hard to figure out at all.


    The fact the OP didn't like Rust leads me to believe he is a camper, and that is why he doesn't like this game. These maps are built to force constant gun on gun action, which is exactly what maps like Rust gave you. There is nowhere to hide in this game, and I think the longest I've gone without seeing and shooting at an enemy in this game is 15 seconds.


    If you don't like gun v gun action, then you arent going to like this game, that simple

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    i think the maps are good and it gives players of all skill level a chance, also will more ways into building there is less chance of people just camping in them iv played of match modes and i think that the maps work well with all of them

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    I agree...all of the spots he describes in his post are classic/stupid camper spots...he's just mad you can go into a building and only have 1 way in, 1 way out, or sit on the top of a building and spawn camp. Anyways, move it or lose it sister, sorry the maps are too complicated, y'all better get used to it!!!

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    What I find stupid is that you cant shoot the Reaper through the glass on top of the mall. That is some super glass. Fix It.

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