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Make Riot Shields bigger, fix third person models.

Too many times I find myself dying to an enemy hip-firing at me when I'm facing him straight on with the Riot Shield. Additionally, in order to fully shield yourself you actually have to look down a bit otherwise your feet stick out and can easily be shot. An increase in width and height would greatly solve this issue, but for some reason IW thought the Riot Shield was fine from MW2.


Combine this with the fact that the character model flinches whenever it gets hit by anything harder than a butterfly and all of a sudden the Riot Shield is hardly usable. If the third person model actually followed the first person model, maybe I wouldn't have half my body sticking out from behind the shield as I'm facing them head on. I use it to have fun and because it's unappreciated, but it's hardly fun getting killed by someone shooting the center of your shield.


The Riot Shield really needs to be fixed.