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Whats the best mw3 gun?

I wanna know your opinions on whats the best gun on the game. And what attachments go's well with it.

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    ACR 6.8 with Suppresser.

    I started playing Call of Duty when MW2 had recently come out..

    The ACR has been my favourite gun ever since. F*cking love it!

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    I use different guns almost every game.  Everything seems to work pretty good. 


    My favorites are


    P90 for small maps

    M4a1 or ACR for larger maps

    MSR for sniping. 


    My favorite setup right now is

      ACR primary w/RDS & Silencer

      MSR Secondary (overkill)


    Specialist strike package.


      I get my first two kills with the ACR to unlock my fourth perk (quick draw) and then switch to the MSR. 

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    true, i agree ACR is a great gun, good accuracy.

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    I also agree the ACR 6.8 w/ Suppresser, plus kick/focus is the way to go. Amazing gun.

    If you are into SMGs though - UMP45 (Suppresser/RF) or MP-9 (Suppresser w/ Kick) Good Luck

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    ACR is a good gun but I just seem to do better with the G36 overall.


    Plus hate to admit it but absolutlely love T95 on maps with any range at all but in all fairness in Blops I used G11 tons so I already liked burst weapons.

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    My FOOT!


    Best attachment: standard issued boot.

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    Oh yeah, I only mentioned by Primary Weapon and that I love it (still no facepalm emoticon -.-)


    Primary: ACR 6.8 w/ Suppresser & Focus

    Secondary: Stinger

    Equipment: Semtex

    Tactical: Flashbang

    Perk 1: Scavanger Pro/Sleight of Hand Pro (I change it depending on how I feel)

    Perk 2: Quickdraw Pro

    Perk 3: Stalker Pro

    Strike Package: Assault- Care Package, Predator Missile & Pave Low

    Deathstreak: Dead Mans Hand


    Gotta say I love my class set up!


    and as soon as I hit 1st Prestige i'm taking the ACR with me all the way!

    So close to a Gold Cameo

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    My three favorite gun combos so far (and why):


    1) Striker [Damage] + Grip

    Imposes HUGE view kick for enemy & kills pretty quickly which helps win close to mid-range gun battles.  Can spam the trigger pretty fast.  Large magizine for ultimate 0wnage.  I have over 1000 kills with this.


    The only downside is slow reload & the need to very intelligently navigate the map.


    2) PP90M1 [2 Attachments] + RF+Silencer

    3) MP7 [2 Attachments] + RF+Silencer

    Both of these guns are pretty much the same thing.  Not sure if the stats are exactly the same or not, but they feel like it.  Combine this with steady aim pro and you have an unbeatable combo at close range - hip fire these bad b*tches all day long.  I'd say this gun combo might be the only that could face the striker at close range (assuming view kick doesn't f you over).


    Two downsides: Slow reload + range.  Its not unusual to get 5-6 hitmarkers before your kill at range, which can be hard to do.  When using this class I navigate the map the same way I do when I run the shotguns.

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         I gotta say that my favorite out of all the weapons is the UMP 45. With the range upgrade and rapid fire. It has the same range as an assault rifle and has 3 times the rate of fire. I get double and triple kills with it all the time plus you can run twice as fast.









    CM901 with holographic sight and kick, gold camo


    P11 duel wield


    Semtex grenade


    Flash grenade


    Sleight of hand pro


    Stalker pro


    Quick draw pro






    UMP 45. With range and rapid fire, gold camo


    P11 with tactical knife


    Throwing knife


    Concussion grenade


    Extreme conditioning pro


    Steady aim pro


    Assassin pro






    CM901 with kick, suppressor, heard beat sensor, and gold camo




    Semtex grenade


    Concussion grenade


    Blind eye pro


    Assassin pro


    Sit-rep pro



    Those are the main load outs that I use. SPEC OPS is for maps like village, larger maps that a more powerful gun with good range is needed. SKIRMISHER is a class that is very universal and I think it is one of the best combinations in the game. It all depends on the way that you play. If you are the type of person that takes things slow then it may not be the class for you. This class is definitely better if you are able to play on 10 sensitivity because it allows you to quickly turn and look around corners without wasting much time or risking getting shot. It also helps if someone is shooting you from behind you are able to spin a full 180 and using the handy rapid fire attachment, about two thirds of the time you will be able to kill your enemy. This class is for people who want to be a fast and deadly attacker with intense, up-close, and fast paced action. The STEALTH class is for the type of person that likes to take things slow and find out where everyone is before you make your attack while being undetected by almost everything other than the fact that you move. The assassin pro perk is very nice for this being that it allows a person to be undetected by UAV, no name appears to enemies so you can basically lay in the middle of the floor and they will thing that you are just a dead body unless of course they run into you. Immune to EMP. still can't use kill streaks though during EMP. when combined with blind eye pro it is very effective being that blind eye makes it so that you are undetected by all enemy auto operated kill streaks. By the way blind eye pro is not worth the time. The only thing that it gives you is faster lock on to aircrafts and more aircraft bullet damage. Not much for messing around for like 20 levels trying to find 40 things to blow down out of the sky. This is because I have found that because of the new support kill streak nobody takes there time to mess around with UAV'S and counter UAV'S. Sit-rep is also very nice to have being that it allows you once again to take things slower and see if there are claymores in the room, figure out where every one is then make your entrance quietly and take out your opponents one by one.


            Out of all of the classes that I listed and that I use, I use the SKIRMISH class most often and keep the other classes for the rare times when I just have that game where I just can't seem to get a kill because everyone is just sitting in a corner waiting for me to come by (STEALTH works good against these people) or when there is a big map that the game has taken a slower pace and everybody is moving along cautiously (SPEC OPS works good for these people).


          A bit off topic but I feel that the best game types are either team defender or kill confirmed. Team defender offers a lot of gun XP in a very short amount of time if you know how to play the game type. Kill confirmed offers a very fast paced version of team death match and this is where the SKIRMISH class is at its best.


    For kill streaks I personally like the support class because I don't like the disappointment of running out of ammo on a high kill streak and getting killed trying to kill somebody with my knife. I use decoy care package (just because I love it when people are too stupid to realize that a stealth bomber sitting out in the center of the map with nobody around it, they still go pick it up for some reason and I find it kind of amusing. especially on a final kill cam or a double kill.) stealth bomber (putting these in the right place can really get a lot of kills) and lastly the EMP (the EMP is a lot of fun to use and it really pisses people off when you call it in right after they call in the escort airdrop, or some other high kill streak. also really funny when I am playing with a group of friends and we just keep peppering them with EMP's one after another. I gotta say it isn't a very quiet lobby when that game is over lol).



    All right I guess I am done with my long lecture and yeah it could be just a waste time but it could be something that people may refer to so that’s that.



    BTW if you want further information or opinions my email is mia.alpine2@gmail.com and my Xbox gamer tag is TACONITE 12 if you want to talk through Xbox.

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