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Type 95 Haters..

What the hell is it with all these Type 95 haters. Your obviously all hip spraying smg tryhards with a backup silenced ACR, no recoil, camp class.


GTF, there is bugger all OP about the Type 95 or any off its attachments. Its a 3 round burst weapon FFS! If your not on target you've had it. There is little difference between this and the MW2 Famas but we dont see OP reports for that gun do we... ump users!!!


IW please don't listen to these pathetic cry babies that want to run around with steady aim and hip fire there pp-90M1 all day. God half off the community havent even unlocked every weapon yet and they're already at the, Oooh i'm getting killed by this it must be OP... NO YOU JUST SUCK

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    So true.People crying about the Type-95 are probably all spray-and-pray SMG users.

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    Well said sir nothing wrong with type 95 you have to be accurate with it or your toast people just don't like getting shot by people who can actually use it. I use all the guns for a mix up and don't moan when i get shot by a type 95 or a ump 45. There are to many people who get killed to many times in a game by someone who is better than they are and come straight on here and blame the gun for being overpowered. If its so overpowered why don't you use it!!

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    lol people complain about alot..


    Change the lobby then

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    This reminds me of the Model 1887 nerf, ok, they were a little OP, but the people who complained about them never unlocked them early cos it was available at 67, which in the early days of course noobs cant get it, and when they do they probably suck with it. They never realised that it had to be cocked every shot and it took a few seconds for that to happen making you completely open.


    The same is for the Type 95, it may, very slightly be OP, but its not some be all and end all, and if the moaners used it, they would see how vunerable you can be with it.


    I have never understood complaining about "OP" guns. Its not like they bought it in a DLC Pack, or got it as an exclusive pre-order, where these complainers could never use it. Its there, for all to use, depending on you skill level you'll have different results. End of.

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    if you are checking which gun has been used to kill you over and over you are dying far too much and need to change the way you are playing cause i am guessing regardless of what gun the person was using they prob would have killed you any way.


    I couldnt tell you what gun i get killed by at anytime i die i just get on with the game.

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    Once this gun became avail and I used it one round its the go to gun in the game and if I'm killing you with it it's because your lame and don't know how to aim. I've heard the exression in mw "You aim you die" well with the type95 I'm aiming and killin and this is "so far" my fav gun. I'm only a lvl 57 and there are a few guns left to open but this one I know I will always come back to. thanks for starting this thread. @samofromtheD

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    I hate the Type-95 keeps on shooting me down, I mean who puts an AA gun in Operation Flashpoint, how is that even fair.


    Wait we are talking about the Type 95 SPAAA right?

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    No I have prestiged once and i know that gun is complete BS. The Devs know and will address it.

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    I'm sorry. You're wrong here. The only thing I agree with is the ump is OP.


    Just so were clear I use the AK-47 silenced. Iron sights. And I always aim down the sights. No steady aim needed. My perks are Slight of Hand, Quick Draw, and Stalker. So, ya, I don't camp or spray and pray.


    But ya the Type 95 is extremly OP. IMO the only reason you wrote this is so IW doesn't nerf it, which they will. I used the Type 95 for awhile so I personally know how OP it actually is. I stopped using it when I unlocked the AK just because that's the weapon I'm most comfortable with.


    Any weapon that can kill you in a single burst no matter what range is beyond OP. And whether you like it or not this WILL be nerfed.

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