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Game Issues that need fixing

Here are some issues my friends and I have ran across since playing the game


1. During Coop Missions and Survival. The game sometimes goes out of sync between teamates. Example: 1 player would be down for revive and the other person will not see this or teamate is running into walls and shooting the ground, sometimes waves clearing at differeint times please fix this.


2. Sometimes in coop missions, when the mission is failed and restarted it would restart the map and in the process of doing that it will say in the bottom right corner "waiting for other players" until the game drops and basically have to start over hosting sometimes even having to restart game, pc and even internet connection.


3. Sometimes the game would lock up for both players, forcing CTRL ALT DEL, when we end task MW3 and restart steam, reload MW3 and it cant connect to ONLINE SERVICES.... required pc restart and internet reconnect.


4. During a single player mission (cant remember the name but the one where you were the gunner in a tank and went through the parking lot and stuff) while moving up with the tanks on the street after coming out of the parking lot, there would be a part where u can stay on the street or move into an office like building on the right, after clearing the 1st set of baddies in there if you go out unto the street and move forward there would be an error about command line overflow, apparently to avoid this i had to stay in the office like building.


5. The game seems to be alot less forgiving with Lag than MW2. I remember i could still do pretty well in mw2 with 2 bars however in mw3 2 bars is horrible, shooting nothing but air, enemies reacting ALOT faster than me, when i go back and watch the replay in theatre mode i see myself shooting nothing, walking by players that are right infront of me.


6. Now everyone knows the controversy with developers and mw2, as a result there was no way to REPORT players of cheating other than just finding their steam profile and report their entire account. Black Ops sorta allowed u to report players from recent games, However in MW3 you can report someone is if their are in YOUR private pre lobby (hope you understand the screen i mean) which is totally retarded because the only reason that person would be there is if they were on your friends list or friend of a friend. i dont see why i would want to report this person. In the actual game lobby all i can do is Mute player and from Recent Game tab all i can do is Friend Request them, which dont really want to do. I hope they are going to take cheating as a serious issue in this game, so far in my eyes this is not the case and to be honest the only reason i got mw3 is because i thought it was going to all on dedicated servers where cheating and ping advantage wouldnt be an issue. Yes i know there are servers now but for some reason there are no custom classes on them which is totally retarded.


Overall if some of these main issues are not fixed, i dont see myself purchasing another COD game or any game in general that doesnt provide quality controll. Im already upset with the gameplay in mw3 and i almost want to reinstall mw2 atleast there the lag wasnt that extreme of an issue and the map sizes/types varied until mw3 which is basically all small maps and no actually use for a sniper rifle other than quickscoping which they cant seem to fix.