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WillClan4Food Recruiting!

          In April of 2005, WillClan4Food was created by just three adults tired of hearing immature gamers and whining kids. As of today, we have over 70 members and are still growing!

           WCF gives mature players the opportunity to play with individuals that are similar. Our community prides ourselves in our effort to always have someone to play games and enjoy your time with. Often times, we have many different members playing a variety of games that vary but are not limited to Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and arcade games. In addition, we have a balance of competitive and carefree attitudes. The focus of our community is not whether you win, but rather to develop friendships and have an enjoyable experience. This is not to say that we do not compete, but your recruitment is not based on whether you have a low kill/death ratio.  If WillClan4Food sounds like a great new home, you can visit: willclan4food.net. Feel free to read over our site and don’t be afraid post! Please note that we are primarily an age restricted community, and normally recruit players that are 21 or older.