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Some perk re-balancing ideas.

What they need to nerf:


Assassin(here me out first before flaming)





Reasons for Nerf:

As it is now, Assassin and Quickdraw are the two dominate 2nd tier perks.



Assassin Nerf:


Take away the away the immunity to CUAV and the EMP in the Pro version and switch it for immunity from Thermal Sight and Portable Radar. Make them appear on Radar when a AUAV is up.


So now the perk looks like


Regular: Immune to UAV and Heartbeat sensor. VISIBLE on Radar when a AUAV is up.


PRO: Immune to Thermal Sight, Portable Radar. No red cross-hairs.



Quickdraw Nerf:

-Make the gun have worse hip fire accuracy for a trade off for the fast ADS.


- REMOVE the fast ADS for Snipers and make them have built in Soh PRO.


So now the perk looks like:


Regular: Fast ADS(Does not include snipers) Increased hip fire spread


Pro:(Snipers only) Fast swap to your secondary. (Any gun) Recover from equpment and grenades faster


What they need to BUFF:



Blast Shield BUFF: As of now(IMO), BS is completely useless. The explosives in this game sucks so bad that there is no need for BS. What they need to do is:


A) Make BS Pro be able to take 2 knifes at full health.


B) Increase the explosive damage to BO damage.


So now the perk looks like:


Regular: Less damage taken from explosives


Pro: Immune to Flashes and stuns. Able to take 2 knives at full health.




These are all of my ideas for now.