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Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

Ok, so I'm one of the people who seems to have constant problems with the disc read error for Modern Warfare 3. I've checked everything. I've cleaned my system, I've cleaned the disc, I've tried other games and movies to make sure my disc reader isn't going out, and it just doesn't make any sense. I'm thinking about taking my copy back to gamestop in exchange for another one, but I don't know if they have any extra Hardened Editions or if I'll have to wait for Infinity Ward to make me a new one. The weird part is, after awhile of attempting to play, I can finally play, but when I go to play for the first time a day, the same thing happens over and over again. Since it's obvious that the Playstation 3 isn't the only one with this problem, does anybody have any ideas?

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    Mine did this for a long time as well bro.  I have a 360 though.  I finally downloaded the game to my hardrive and from now on, just run the game from that.  It has prevented the game from messing up, a considerable difference.

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    well, playstation 3 doesn't have an install to HDD option, otherwise I would have tried that. I just don't want to shell out more money for a game I've already had paid off since October that doesn't seem to work. Hopefully they make new discs and ship them to the people who are having the problem or create a patch that fixes the coding on the disc or something.

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    Man that is probably the least they could do.  They send out mass emails saying how much they care, i.e. how sorry they are that the new Elite servers are down bc of the massive amount of online traffic, but in reality i think so many of these problems could have been avoided.


    I had the exact same kind of disc issues with my COD Black Ops, and so did a lot of people that I played with.  I take it back to Game Stop and they look at me like I am crazy, extremely frustrating.

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    I know, and if I contact Infinity Ward about this, they better not try to tell me they can't afford to make new copies to send out to people. They made $400 million from the U.S. and U.K. alone in 24 hours. They can afford to fix their mistakes. All I know for certain is if this doesn't get fixed soon, I'll more than likely just take it back for a refund and never buy another product from them again, and I think with alot of people having the same problem, they might do the same. Come on IW, listen to your customers.

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    I had the same problem, cleaned the laser, then installed to HDD, and not had a problem since. Hope this helps

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    you do realize I play on the playstation 3, right? We don't have the install to HDD option. and I've cleaned every inch of my system, lens included, and it still does it.

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    Hey man, try this.  Not sure if it will work for everyone.  But it worked for me and my brother.


    The theater camcorder records everymatch to harddrive. I turned the camera off and erased all the video files off our hard drives and both boxes seem too be running fine now with no errors. Don't know if it could be a coincedence with both boxes at the same time.  But it worked.    Yall try it out and hopefully it works out for yall. 


    Happy hunting

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    similar thing has happened to me... on the rare occasion that I do want to play this SH*TTY LAG FEST, my PS3 won't recognize the disc. Last time I played it was 3 days ago, and it ran fine, and the disc was and is not damaged in any way, but when I put it in my PS3 it won't load.


    I've tried uninstalling all of the game data/patches, updating my PS3, and still MW3 disc won't read. When I put in the Black Oops disc or any movie or any other disc, it reads fine. It's just the MW3 disc


    I do not think I kept the receipt for gamestop... and I do not think the game is damaged, just... terrible and flawed

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      Still not fixed & still Not answered? When i play Mp. 2mins into a match game freezes then black skreen have to restart ps3 & other times it freezes & kicks me to main page and "DISK READ ERROR" message pops up! "please help or make a patch for this!!!!

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