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    I agree the maps are terrible with acceptation of mission & village, they are too small with way to many areas to camp out, yes it is fast paced but I haven’t gone round a corner without being shot in the back by a kid sat in the shadows!! There are way too many places to sit in dark corners and set up a tent!!. Also the spawns are ridiculous, the amount of times I have managed to work my way around the map to flank the opponent to kill one, him then spawn directly behind me and kill me! I’m no expert but surely this should be an easy fix?


    I think rather than bring back the old maps from previous issues of MW they should use them as a inspiration for new maps, and as Treyarch did with BLOPS they should add more height and some open areas where long range engagements could occur, seems to me that when they were developing the MW3 maps every time they came across an area where there was a little bit of space they thought S**T and dropped a building/Massive rock in the way!!!

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    They did that because there were so many cry babies complaining about ppl camping on edges in BLOPS. I loved the maps in MW2

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    I'm with the people.who say don't rage over it.  Th forums are becoming like the dude at work who xomplains about everything!  I just can't be around people who are angry about every little thing. Its exhausting!

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    This was the first thing I noticed when playing MW3. It looks like they tried their hardest to make the maps super small, jammed alleys and corners, with constant blood baths.

    Sometimes its nice to run to a secluded area and catch your breath. Sometimes its nice to have a wide area to defend. Sometimes its nice to have an objective to reach, but they only way to reach it is by running in the open. These are real life aspects that CoD seems to try and get rid of. Ultimately I see it as a way to nerf the elite players. I don't know how many times I need to call in care packages or other air support, but can never find a decent area to relax in.

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    I completely agree. Every map is so filled with objects and buildings it's pretty much impossible to snipe well on any map. Plus explosive barrels, cars are everywhere, I can honestly say I've been killed by things exploding that aren't grenades more in 70 levels of MW3 than 10 prestiges of MW2. There are no Wasteland-like maps for MW3 and that completely blows. Black Ops prevented people from sniping because the snipers sucked. MW3 is preventing people sniping because the maps suck.


    However, I do like the fact that there are always more than one way into pretty much any room, and makes camping that much more difficult.

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    I'm starting to like some of the maps in MW3, but the experience is dependant on what kind of players are on the opposite team. The maps could be better, for instance:


    - There are too many corners which is only an issue when there are campers, if the opposite team doesn't have any (which is unfortunately rare) that's not an issue and there is good flow with nonstop action. In MW2 and BLOPS you could easily know where the campers were hiding and avoid that section, or frag the *******. In this game, they are often everywhere which can be really thurstrating.


    - Some of the maps have colour that makes seing people a bit too hard in my opinion, and they also look kinda dull. Black Ops had better looking maps in terms of colours.


    - Spawns in this game suck, you get killed way too often right after spawning. This might be impossible to fix since the maps are so small.


    - There aren't any maps in the game that support long range combat, or combine CQB with long range. The larger maps have too many buildings in them and are layed out in a pipe-like formation. I think there was an effort to try create a good flow on certain points but it doesn't seem to work. Many of the maps in MW2 and Black Ops had a good combination where you could choose to run and gun, or engage at longer ranges.


    I hope the DLC will bring back some of the classics, but also new ones that aren't mazes like ones we have now. And to go offtopic in the end, the biggest issue in this game is the lag compensation working against me, i can get used of the maps but if i'm being shot down withouth the chance to fight back. The effects of the lag are greater in this game that they were in Black Ops since the maps are smaller and you are most likely to end up more often in 1v1 CQB-situations.

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    COD4 maps > MW2 maps > setting my balls on fire > MW3 maps

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    I dont really want any old maps back i'd rather some new one with some good ideas not this crap they have dished up but if they are going to bring back one of them i'd have to say terminal thats a realoly good map and if they are thinking of bringing any back they shoulsd expand on the maps don't play around with something that works just expand on them.

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    i like there maps u cant try something u new u suck if u like the oldmaps

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    @ purplex....wtf are you saying?  I thought ebonics went the way of the duckbilled platapus a long time ago.  The new maps don't have any personality to them.  The maps in MW2 had some room to move with the exceptions of Rust, Vacant, and Skidrow.  You weren't hearded like cattle into alleyways to die.  You could chose a path that had some space to move in.  The MAJORITY of the maps in MW3 all lead to your death.  I went over 30 kills and 5 or less deaths in a LARGE percentage of my matches in MW2....even with the other team filled with Noob Tubes, OMA, and Scavenger refills.  The majority of maps, in my opinion, have the feel of Trailer Park.  Close quarters and no real room to move.  I am really hoping they bring some maps thru the DLC that have the size and feel of Afghan, Derail, Fuel, and Wasteland.  Those maps were fun because they were wide open, with a few exceptions, and could see in advance where people were so you could plan your attack accordingly.  They made the maps so fast paced, it takes some of the enjoyment out of playing.  I think they did a lot of good things with the changes they made to make the gameplay better, but the maps take those improvements and throw them out the window in my opinion.

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