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Here is the OFFICIAL answer regarding Controller Button Clantags


I have been sending twitter messages for 3 days to 402, CoD's offical twitter, CoD's Elite official twitter and XBox's Major Nelson trying to get a straight answer on the button glitch.  As anyone who follows the first 3 accounts would know, the answer the past week from these guys has been to contact this @ATVIMikey guy who is Activision head of support.  I hadn't bothered since he was just support, but a couple of hours ago he posted a message asking people to report cheats and hacks, so I figured that would open the door.  To my surprise, he answered right away and gave the official answer. Ready for this big surprise? They are considered exploits and should be treated as such and reported.

Transcript follows:

ATVIMikey Mikey

We need you to be our eyes & ears out there. Report players you see doing anything unfavorable in #MW3 with in-game Report Player function.

Me: @ATVIMikey What about controller button clantags? Report or not?  If do, exploit cat?

ATVIMikey Mikey

@Me: Yup. Report. Exploit works.