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    Because he's the idiot that's intimidated by it and thinks that, since there is no counter, he should just run out in the open and somehow maybe that'll solve the problem.


    Have you ever watched what some of these idiots do when an SR71 goes up???


    THAT is pathetic!


    And I'm talking on both teams, too. The team that has it up thinks it means they are temporarily invincible and the team that doesn't have it thinks they should run out in the most open area to counter it.

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    aerodynamite wrote:


    Do you think people use it? Not a lot of people don't use CUAV


    That's the problem. Maybe they should be using it instead of falsely hoping they'll get the 9-10-11 streak and show everyone they are so bad axxx.

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    @ avengedyesterday ...


    They have worked together to a small degree in the past. The new Elite aspect, though, I think will bring them together even closer.


    From here on out, I don't see how the two teams won't be able to work closely together.

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    uhscot wrote:


    It was a great first try. I wish IW had improved upon their system. I would rather see somebodies arms fly off and other limbs than have a custom emblem anyday, I just totally forgot about that in W@W. That was one of my favorite features hah. I'm not going to judge the gun on gun-ness of the game until it comes out.


    Blame parents buying the game for their squeakers for the game not being more graphic. MW1 got into some trouble over this issue and I think WaW did, too.

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    very ironic  to know that black ops set in 1960's you get to have blackbirds !

    but in Modern Warfare that set in 21st Century doesnt have a satelite radar but insteade you get old model UAV


    i think for future CoD games that set place in futuristic times , it should have advanced weapons and machines

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    Well Black Ops' Campaign was in the 60's. They specifically said thir multiplayer is modern

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    Um ... the SR71 was created, developed, and put into service during the 1960s as a direct result of the U2 that was shot down over the Soviet Union. What's ironic about having the airplane that was iconic of the Cold War being in a game that takes place during the Cold War?

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    Bloodring wrote:


    First Tier indicators were a waste of space. You shouldn't rely on explosives to get kills and unless they're corner camping, Assassin/Blind Eye won't be a problem.


    Weapon Customisation was also a waste of space. There's no reason for it, other than for clans and little kids trying to make their guns look "awesomez."


    Special Weapons were, I'll admit it, fun, but they aren't going to fit in the Modern Warfare era that the whole "Modern Warfare" series is about. Since when would you see a modern Delta Ops soldier using a Crossbow when everyone else is using RPG's? Besides, the Ballistic Knife is illegal in the United States.


    Yes there is; the AC130 and the Osprey Gunner. I'm assuming you know what the AC130 is, but the Osprey Gunner is exactly like the Gunship, except it has no rockets, and it drops care packages for your teammates. No need for any other player controlled killstreaks or it would retrogress into MW2. You really should do some research before posting, you know.


    The SR71 Blackbird was a bit overpowered, if you ask me. It barely "refreshes," as the UAV does, and it lasts longer, as well as showing position. This meant the enemy team was, in all seriousness, defenseless as they had no way to defend themselves other than to camp in a corner and pray they wouldn't get blown up or corner peeked. I'm glad they toned it down a bit in MW3.


    The osprey is nothing like the gunship, you control a target that is extremely unacurate if you have your sensibility set to 10, but you clearly have not achieved a 17killstreak yet, you little IW fanboy! for every killstreak in Black op's there was a counter, they didnt give out killstreak's just for scratching your balls during a game! "the ballistic knife is illigal in the states" you realise this is a game right? killing is also illigal in the real world! you are prob one of them players who thinks because they stayed playing MW2 and didnt play BO that they are a real COD player but in reality you stayed on MW2 because you are a bad player and could not master BO

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