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Can we please play with MW2 players

MW3 players and MW2 players have to much in common.

And i am sure developers had that in mind when they changed as little as possible in the gameplay.

First of all, loved the new storyline, it think it was worth buying the new game just for that.



Lets face it, MW3 is the copy of MW2, nothing changed in the background.

even the error message you get from MW3 is saying the game is MW2 ..

http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ModernWarfare3_Error- 685x428.jpg




So i suggest they let MW3 players join up with MW2 on same games with both sides unlockables on or off (optional) .. more likely off since MW2 doesnt have renders of it.



We can play with friends that were smart enough to not buy MW3.

Comunity interactions increase.

People have less reasons to buy MW2.5 .. i mean MW3

Also would be great advertisement for MW2 players about the new items they will get if they get the new expansion which is being sold as a new game called MW3



More people will realize MW3 is nothing but MW2 with new perks and campaigne

People will be less likely to pay for MW "4".


Thank you for your time.



Ps. I also like how mods for MW2 are also compatible with MW3, due to copy paste of code


Thx Activision for such great game that clearly doesnt need to be improved upon.

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    So, nobody want to play with players from an other game that is only seperated with number difference of title ?

    Or, is this like denial where nobody want to play, because it would just goes to show how stupid it would have been to buy the same game twice, or pay a new title price for a game that is barely an expension ...


    LOL, cry me a river.