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Camping is Legit. So what?

Let's get a few things straight...


1. This is a video game, not a real war. Real war is not supposed to be fun, this game is.


2. It is much easier to see a person that is moving than a person that is not moving.


3. Camping doesn't just have to be in one spot. Moving from one corner to a bush, to a window, is still camping.


4. Camping might be the legit and intended way to play games like TDM, but so what? It's still boring and gives the guy who doesn't want to camp a disadvantage.


5. Anyone who thinks camping takes more skill needs to G T F O.


This is not about how people should play. I could care less how you chose to live your life. This is about accepting who you are. Why? Because people need to know the truth, not live in some self serving fantasy.


Yes camping is legit. How could it not be? In fact, this game almost wants you to camp. And no, not just in a corner. Also behind a car, or on the ground in an alley, or any other position where you just wait to pull the trigger.


In games like MAG, it actually took several bullets to take someone down. So even though people could camp, a truely skilled player might be able to out shoot the camper. Not the same in this game.


In this game kills are quick. First to see, first to kill, is normally the case. Not always, but of course the advantage goes to the first to shoot. If you're camping, you will be the first to shoot almost every time.


So camping gives you a tactical advantage. That part is clear.


Should you do it? Well that's up to you. Of course everyone has a right to camp. I could camp all day if I wanted to. This game is all about camping. Let's just make it clear that the guy moving is risking much more.


Some people would say that risking more is stupid. I disagree. This game is all about stats. People always talk about their stats. The problem is, stats don't always reflect a players true skill. Someone might have a high KDR from camping, but compared to another players 'Rush' KDR, it means very little.




Well let's use money as an example. Two guys are very rich. One guy went to college, started a business, and worked hard for his money, the other guy inherited it from his father.


Which guy should get more respect? Any normal person would say the guy that worked for it, of course.


That's the point.


If you camp, your kills mean much less than if you rush, because they were easier. So yes, it is legit, but it's cheap and you should simply acknowledge this instead of trying to compare yourself to a better player.


There is an achievement given in each map to the player who travels the farthest distance. This is the stat that people need to respect. Not because he blindly rushed without looking, but because he had the courage and the honor to look for the enemy, instead of hiding like a cowardly frightened cat under a car.


Yes, real soldiers camp, but this is a game and real war is not supposed to be fun.


So camp if you want, just accept that you are terrible.


This is not a complaint. I love killing campers, and everytime one kills me I give them very little credit. This is about the camper simply accepting that he plays like trash. Simple.


Because winning isn't everything. I get losses all the time from being thrown into a late game. And people playing free for all get a loss if they don't finish first. The win stat means very little in this game.


What's more important is how good you are personally. I rather die with honor than live a coward.


Because... "They may take our lives, but they'll never take... our freedom!!!" LoL. J/K.


Your choice. Play with some courage and skill and find the enemy, or wait for him to come to you. Just accept what you really are.




It's funny to guess the ages of some of these idiots.


Obviously, since COD has so many little brats who haven't fully developed the abillity to reason yet, there will be a lot of people who try to make up some BS about 'different playstyles' and accuse people of 'complaining'. But that's all beside the point.


You little brats might come up with excuses to camp, but any intelligent adult will agree that camping doesn't take a lot of skill and deserves very little respect.


Because that's what it's all about. Everyone bragging about a high KDR or WLR just wants the respect of everyone else that he is a good player. Well, bragging about kills you get from camping is just a joke.


So again, I'm not telling you that you should play a certain way. I expect the little kids to suck and have to camp.  Just understand that your stats are garbage just like you.

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    You like quotes ?


    "war is about deception"............ mw3 opening screen


    Whether you are running or camping .. its still about trying to get an edge on your enemy.

    Whether you sit in a corner, or runa round a corner and shoot a guuy in the back.


    Which one takes more courage?

    To shoot a guy in the back and run.?

    Or to shoot a guy in the face and sit there till he comes back.... knowing exactly where you are?


    Sorry to tell you this ...... but none of its about courage. Its a frigging game, and the only reason you have "courage' to run around out in the open is because you know it means sh*t when you get killed.


    What it IS about is having fun. And what is fun for one might not be fun to another.

    Sometimes I think running is fun . sometimes I think camping is fun.


    Do I think either makes me a better player? NO......


    Sure .. I can get more kills faster by running......... does that mean running takes more skill? If I can do better running that means it takes less ......right?


    If I die less camping , does that mean its better? No ... I probably wont get as many kills, though I'll have a better k/d.


    Its all abou fun ..... and part of that fun is people running their yaps about which is better camping or running ........


    Without one, who would the other compare theirself to?

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    I'm sorry, but if you kill a guy while camping and then don't change spots... You're just an idiot.


    A real camper gets a kill then changes camp spots, over and over again.


    I could care less about what the opening quote is. I already made my point that camping takes less skill.


    And LoL that people moving always shoot people in the back. What are you smoking?


    Fact is, yes you can get kills from camping, and yes you might think they are fun, but accept that they took way less skill to get.


    That's all. Camping takes very little skill and should get very little respect. The key word being RESPECT, which campers deserve very little of.  So get your cheap kills but don't go bragging about them like people should be impressed because you are trash.

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    Fail. To start athread for this is ridiculous at the best. This forum is not a "mine is bigger than yours" lounge. There are bigger issues at hand other than how someone got theirs kills. @OP: If it is "Legitimate" as you said yourself. Than you killed your own argument.

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    There's plenty of cyber space to write whatever I want. It's called multitasking, learn how retard.


    And why don't you explain how I killed my arguement, because it sounds like you have no idea what my arguement was.

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    Because its simple...retard. You are having a debate over how someone kills someone, on a game based on_______....you guessed it with out me typing it. See...all have to do is think.

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    You fail to make sense.


    But let me just clear something up because I have to go...


    My arguement and/or point:


    People that move deserve much more respect because camping takes little skill.


    I don't see how I killed that arguement, probably because I didn't and you're just a stupid troll.


    So just S T F U.

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    Now that argument deserves respect.......

    How did you type that with both thumbs in your ears and sticking out your tongue ......


    Definitely some skill.

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    You fail to make sense. You legitimized the "camping"  approach to the game by calling it a legitimate way to play. Stop being childish and making up excuses why it should deserve less respect.

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    atiredoldguy is completely correct! anyone that complains about how someone else plays the game is just a poor sport who narrowly thinks his way is the only way to play. I know I am so tired of hearing someone onEVERY match that has a mic get upset about a camper or a noobtuber that keeps killing them. Im just glad there is a mute option!!! People will camp, noobtube, etc... There is absolutely nothing you can do about it, if you cant handle it, dont play it!

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