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  • 120. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    I don't see anything wrong with the perk, to get the same 'Ghost perk' as BO...you now have to equip Blind eye and Assassin...that means giving up SoH and Quickdraw...both great perks.


    Assassin is fine, considering UAV's are earned so easily now, think about a 6v6 game with the entire enemy team using support package and each person having UAV equipped, then Advanced UAV.....why should I get constantly shown on the map? I shouldn't, sorry but whilst I agree with the idea of the Support Package....I really don't agree with being on your mini-map, any moron can get 3 kills using Support....FACT.


    The fact that you're on here complaining makes me think you aren't really a 'good' player....that's what you seem to think, usually the ones throing around the noob insults etc are the ones who are actually bad.


    Tbh the only way I would agree with Assassin being changed is if they made the UAV in the Support Package a 10 KS minimum....people would use Assassin less probably.


    I don't mind it being a 3 KS in the Assault Package as a lot of people won't get it much still...although i'm not entirely sure how that would work, just an idea though


    TL:DR - The perk is fine, get over it...it's essential for CoD...learn to use your eyes more.

  • 121. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    The recon perk is the answer to your problem. Use your flashes/stuns and other explosives liberally around corners and obstacles and you'll mark the guy, no matter what perks he's using. Remember that the more customization he dovotes to stealth, the less he devotes to being able to fight back once you find him.


    Also, use the recon drone killstreak. Even if he has blind eye you CAN still tag him. Your display won't say that you've locked onto him, but if you spot him anyway (which isn't so hard) and if he's within the rectangle you will mark him.


    There are still ways to catch stealth kits, they're just not the ones you remember relying on. Adapt to survive.

  • 122. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    If the AUAV was in the assault package, and 12 well earned kills in a row were negated by a single perk, I could see your  argument. But you have minimum of 1, usually 3 or more AUAV used each match due to it not being too terribly difficult to get 12 kills total in an entire match. And then you have the UAV spam. I dont know how it is in core, but in HC its kinda crazy. Its just better for my score to use Assassain and not show up as a red dot/arrow every second of the match.

  • 123. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Assassin isn't the problem. The UAV's are.

    Both strike packages have UAVs as killstreaks. The support package has 3 UAVs on it.

    If it wasn't so easy to get a UAV,and if they weren't up every 5 seconds,then maybe people wouldn't use Assassin as much.

    And I know they can be shot down but if you're on a team of randoms and you're the only one making any attempt to shoot them down then it just get annoying.

    I honestly with they'd remove UAVs from the game or make them harder to get.

  • 124. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Eyes ladies eyes!

  • 125. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    I am entitled to use it because the choice for me to use it is made available to me (and you). I can only imagine how bad you would be in older FPS games where there was no radar like the Quake series. You'd be crying your eyes out.

  • 126. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    flushing out the campers is not the issue.. I really don't mind, get yourself some turtle beaches.. listen in on their footsteps/fire, and pin point them out.. I find that these campers will always go back to their usual spots.. it makes for easy kills once you number them down

  • 127. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    I wish I hadnt turned the match recording off. I had a funny match of Dom today where a guy was "sniping", but he would immediately run to two spots on the map. Continually. So I would claymore one spot, and periodically check the other one. Must have killed just him 15 times that match. Probably around 8 times with a claymore.

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    I agree with you NazCassidy, All im saying is that UAV jammer/ghost/assassin has never really been my play style, but that's not to say I don't appreciate it's place in the game! I logged 20+ days on black ops and did some real work as ghost, but now its like a necessity for some people to stay alive!


    And since anybody with common sense clearly has assassin equipped, I pretty much need to check all my corners which slows my game down terribly since AUAV EMP and CUAV are pretty much out the window in terms of gaining an advantage


    The fact of the matter is that UAV jammer/assassin/ghost will change from year to year, and I think the people who rely on it will only be as strong as the perk is at the time. all the haters may say the radar is a crutch but the radar will always exist in cod. count on it. unless HC is your thing

  • 129. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Yes, eyes are usefull!

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