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Lag Compensation FIX NOW

Making Lag Compensation or what its been called I don't know but its really really stupid. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't it added to level the playing field? Its really not. Thats why all of my friends aren't playing MW3 along with its other problems. Its creating advantages to those that aren't host, and creating disadvantages for those who are host. We can't help that we get host, why punish us? MW3 has lost so many customers, like me. I bought CoD Elite, I am a founder and I expect more than what I've seen. This is BullS***, excuse my French. About 75 of my friends were online when this game was actually fun to play, all on MW3, now not even 10 are playing MW3, losing customers fast aren't you guys? This isn't helping game play, especially when people are getting into competetive gaming.


***I am not sure if Lag Compensation is the real cause of all of this, I do know whatever it is, it is not helping.***


I would like to hear peoples opinoins on this subject.