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    Tbh I have recently made the switch to HC, simply because of the amount of people who rely on radar/assassin in the normal gametypes...plus it takes less bullets to kill, i'm tired of emptying an entire clip into someones back...only for them to turn around in Last Stand and pistol me! Ima stay in HC for a while


    I used Ghost in BO also, although only to avoid the constant UAV's again...at least BO had a counter (Blackbird). IW should either update the AUAV to imitate a Blackbird OR raise the amount of kills needed to gain a UAV.


    A lot of people might disagree with raising the required kills for a UAV but imo, it's either that or we NEED a KS which can counter Assassin, AUAV should be similar to Blackbird anyway...12 kills just to see which way someones facing? Sheesh, waste of a KS imo.


    The Radar is an important part of gameplay, a lot of people don't realise the difference between a good player using the radar to give him/herself an edge over the enemy team or a bad player who is constantly looking at their radar and not paying attention to their surroundings.


    Imo any good player, aside from HC players due to obv reasons, will check their radar often during a match...a lot of people don't pay attention to it and end up dying a lot when it coulda been avoided.

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    ITT: Idiots who think eyes is an effective counter. IT"S NOT! Dumbasses...

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    bahaha EYES!! finally a counter to assassin!! why didn't I think of that! wow thanks guys... now is that in the assault or in the support package? assassin = OP

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    I'm assuming the 'idiot' remark was aimed partially at me, i'm far from an idiot...I can assure you that.


    You're obviously missing the fact that I pointed out Assassin is slightly OP, I also even listed what I thought could be done to change it....but tbh, most people run around blindly looking at their radar rather than their surroundings...so yes, using your eyes and being more aware is a perfectly good counter.

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    @SuperCook1eMan: The only idiot in this topic is you. I don't rely on radar or a heartbeat monitor to get my kills. You obviously do (even though you want to pretend it's because assassin users just camp...but we both know that's a lie...you're just ashamed of admitting you need radar). The reality is...you are bad at this game.


    Go ahead now and call me a "fanboy" like you have to everyone else that has told you are wrong...eventhough that insult doesn't even make any sense in this context.

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    As soon as they make UAVs require a higher than 2/3 kills to get and REMOVE it from the support package, as you don't even need to stay alive to achieve it there, then you can remove Assassin.  Until then, it's perfectly fine where it is.  You do not deserve to know the entire enemys team position because you or one of your team mates can put together a 2/3 kill streak.  Deal with it, or find a game that has radar always on so you can actually do well.

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    This is exactly the problem. It isn't Assassin, necessarily, it's the amount of UAV spam that forces it.


    Number 1: UAV should absolutely not be in Assault. If they insist, it should be a 4 kill streak. The problem is Hardline Assault users spamming it.


    Number 2: The reality is, this game is fast paced. There should really be no Perk that makes you invisible on UAV if you're going to make the UAV such a prominent part of the game. It's contradictory. The counters to a UAV should be the ability to shoot it down and the ability to put up a counter. 

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    3 arrows on ur advanced UAV is a pretty good reward for 10 kills in a game with deaths in between. If you dont like assassin/bling eye, dont use UAV's, CUAVs, advanced UAVs, or helicopters. Literally the only pointstreaks that get effected

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    I think everyone is getting confused with campers and obvious people killing you. When you kill someone even with a silencer its so obvious that your partner died so of course there going to put they aim up and kill you. I have been killed way too many times because of that and now when I kill someone I run the opposite way that I killed the person. If your running around with a UAV up and they see they partner died of course that guy with Assassin is going to kill you. He knows your there because his partner died but yet you dont see him so you just run without caution. I have gotten killed by multiple people with they aim up and I wonder how they know I was there so I look at the kill cam. It is so many angles of view on this game you have to be careful where you run because people will see you run past that window before you even come around the corner. When they kill you they are considered campers(which is not true at all) but Idk thats my take on it.


    Anyone who plays the game smart and use tactics now a days are considered campers. Using tactical approaches makes me a camper then I dont care what anyone says. I dont enjoy running around brainless getting kills.



    Ive been playing alot sense release date and im done I cant do it anymore. Im a 2nd prestige level 50 and man the spawning and damage is ruining this awsome game.

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    There is no ninja type perk to counter the baby monitor. It's now combined with ghost into assassin.


    If people use baby monitors, I'll use assassin - and then I'll go whole hog with a silencer too.


    Game design - no other choice.