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    rankismet wrote:


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    rankismet wrote:


    DarthBryan wrote:


    People brag about stats because they want respect. They are basically trying to get others to acknowlege that they have skill.


    Well gaining easy kills by camping does not deserve respect because it takes little skill.


    Yeah... being the dead man running takes skill.

    So I guess everyone should camp then? Have you ever been in a game like that? They are the most boring games you can play. No kills, no fun.


    COD is a shooter... people camp in shooters.


    Always have.

    Always will.


    If you're playing TDM... why run if the other team is running to you?

    And what if they are camping? Do you still camp?


    How do you decide who gets the camp advantage?


    Bottom line, either you play the game, or you try to exploit others who are trying to keep it moving.


    Do what you want, but just because you can doesn't mean you should.


    The best games are the ones where everyone is moving. Whether I die a lot or not, there's plenty of action and no one was getting cheap kills.

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    Running around like a lunatic might take more "skill", but camping (your definition of what it is) requires more brains. You are the type of peson I absolutely love playing against. The same type of person who keeps coming back over and over and over again to the same spot even though I keep killing them because they are too stupid to out think me.


    Sometimes I run and gun, sometimes I play strategically and use my brains. I change my play style depending on the situation instead rushing to my death over and over again.

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    Camping doesn't require more brains.

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    Oh lord DarthBryan is on yet another thread b*tching about something that kills him 16+ times a match. *puts darth's pacifier back in his mouth* hush little baby.


    On another note, there are tactical and letal weapons that could be used in your advantage to taking out a camper. A guy is sitting in a corner or behind a doorway? Throw flash, frag, concussion, and/or semtex grenades and flank the camper. Take another route and stop going the same direction that you were killed in 3 times back-to-back. If you go the opposite direction and go around, you could take out the camper and maybe kill a few others. I will stop right there because advice on MW3 forums could only go so far

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    There are way too many stupid people at this forum. I guess it's because COD sucks and stupid people like it. But anyways...


    Hey retard... If a guy is camping, how the hell am I supposed to know where to throw the flash?


    'Durr, because he killed you?'


    Um, then it would be too late, wouldn't it?



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    I agree with darth

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    I think that looking for 'respect' in a video game is childish in itself. How another perceives me while playing CoD doesn't mean jack **** once the console is off. Camper or rusher, respect me, or not. I couldn't care less.

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    I think ther would be very little camping if more people thought like that.


    Killstreaks are another reason people camp. They tried to give the Support package so people wouldn't have to camp, but let's face it, the assault ones are way cooler.

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    What I really don't understand is. Why the facination with constant movement? Perpetual movement is not always a good thing. I see alot of people who actually move while shooting (sometimes I do it also) and then they wonder why their accuracy is bad and they cannot kill someone. If you can pull it off good for you, you done well and luck is probably on your side. Its not smart however and I certainly wouldn't say your are more skillful for doing so.


    I find the nicest balance and the most fun way for me, is not always the fun way for another. It also probably won't be the right way to play on every map - which seems to be where people run into trouble, using the exact same stratergy for every single map.

    I (usually) like to stalk the ouskirts of a map, taking my time to check locations before moving on. If I move into an area that I know is a 'power position' I sure as hell will have a little look around, see if there is an enemy coming that requires termination. However it won't be long before I move along on my way.

    Of course there are the blantant players who sit in a corner and don't move, the thing people forget though is that the kill cam only shows 4seconds before the kill and 1 second after the kill. I may have been running like a speed freak and then noticed you stomping around so I did the smart thing and waited for you to come to me. In spite of that most of the time the killcam wont show much movement and I'll be called a camper.




    In short, it may be more skillful to race, drift or do a burnout in my car, but I'll take more pleasure at winning the race at my own pace.

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    I don't like Camping. I agree that it's annoying and takes no skill.

    But the map design in this game promotes it more than ever before.

    And when you get one of those idiots who keeps going after the camper only to get killed from a different spot each time, it justifies the tactic.


    Sometimes I like to use a sniper rifle (properly, that is), and stay inside a building and shoot from windows. Unfortunately, there will always be people coming to the same building because the maps are so damn small. So I use a portable radar and I'm forced to wait for them in a corner and shoot them with my secondary weapon. And then I get called a camper...


    A few weeks ago this happened and the same kid kept coming to the room I was in in Lockdown. I kept killing him and he got mad and sent me some hate mail. So I proceeded to wind him up even more in Seatown! Then I got more hate mail and he quit the game.


    And just to wind him up even more, I made this:


    He saw it a couple of days ago and sent me more hate mail!

    My favourite one was when I was hiding by lying down on the table watching my portable radar. I could see him hanging around outside looking to see where I was. When he was satisfied I wasn't there he came in and waited in a corner (camper!). I then sat up and shot him! There's a replay of that one at the end from his point of view.


    Don't get me wrong, I don't like camping and rarely do it, but when you get a foul-mouthed kid playing against you it's worth doing just to p*ss them off!