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Bored Now


What did the last patch do anyway?


Beacuse when i am host, which seems like every game its more Laggy than black ops was.


Been playing Kill confirmed this morming, and i have to keep backing out of games because the lag is so bad.


For example playing in a game as host, and i couldnt hit a barn door, and was 0 kills 5 deaths rage quitas i back out host screen pops up.

Match making puts me back in the same game, with someone else as host 28 kills - 0 deaths.


Why am i being shafted for having a good internet connection, and does this mean i can only go into game that have already started.

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    People with good connection like you get shafted


    People like me with bad connection get shafted


    Where's the middle ground?

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    go play something else then, the rest of us still having fun do not care that you are "bored"

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      Is that becuse your enjoying my fast connection, and your to cheap to get more than dial up

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      rex go play the game then if your having a blast on it


      what rest are having fun?? i got back on today cause i was told it was patched and still the f.ucking same i flew across the map at one stage today in a crazy fit, being in one part of the map then being below or majically went back to where i was 5 mins ago


      the game is a full blown joke wake the **** up, has anyone got into the 50mls ping lobbys yet?


      what was this patch about cause i didnt notice one difference on anything ive played