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Why i cant get in multiplayer on MW3 (and BO) (Xbox360)

Since yesterday i havent been able to join either MW3 or BO multiplayer. All other games including other Call of Duty series games have been fine.

It gives me some error like ''The game wasnt able to connect to call of duty multiplayer, please try again later. If problem exists... please check the site www.callofduty.com/mw3/status'' and on BO side the same message but with BO status site and both sites says that the game is fully operative. Even the COOP modes arent letting me in. There is no way that i would have been banned atleast for a real reason... for no reason is a another story then. Still im able to play MW2 but not BO or MW3... sucks some real ass... i want to play MW3. If you guys got solution... please post right away. thanks