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Multiplayer-XBoX Live- How to kill a Sniper??

So How do you kill a sniper in online multiplayer?


So I was playing Black Opps a few weeks back, When I heard somebody say,


" Don't you hate it when you get picked off by a sniper and you don't know were the shot came from?"


This made me laugh, as that is the point isn't it?  You can't easily find were they are hiding becouse that is the nature of being sniped isn't it?  It is bad enough that a siper is using a semi automatic or bolt action rifle, and you have a kill cam that you can watch.  The are odds always stacked against them.


I bought MW3 the Tuesday night it came out.  Wasn't going to but was looking for a change.  First impresions were very, very bad.  I play pretty much Domination and was quite supprized at how many times I got smoked off the get go. My first few games were bad, some 2 and 24 or so.  It took me a few hours just to get used to the way all the players blend into the map. 


Finaly after leveling up a bit, I got my ole buddy from MW2 back, yes the legendary Barret 50 Caliber.  I missed it in Black Opps, the ole 30-06 (L96A1) was great for the Vietnam era that Black Opps was suppost to be based around, though I missed the big bore sound and knockdown power of the Barret from MW2.  The weapon is pretty much as it would be in realy life, heavy, loud, and full of punch. I mean come on, this weapon in real life can use an explosive tip bullet that can pierce tank armor, depleated uranium tipped bullets and is battle proven to distances over 1 and half miles.  This is a very deadly weapon system in the hands of well trained US Sniper, from any unit.  In the game I find it to be typical, yes underpowered as usual and having to take two shots with the suppresser most of the time.  As I said typical for the game as if it was powered as it is in real life, anyshot even in the leg, would be devistating to the reduced and anybody nearby for that matter. 


Back to the question:  How to Kill A Sniper in Online Multiplayer


Easy, in MW3. He can no longer hide in bushes as you can't even get into them.  He can't climb on top of most vehicles, including the white cube van he has always been able to climb on.  He can not climb on top of towers, walls, cars, etc.  The MW3 sniper is reduced to laying down in some but few weeds, hiding in buildings and yes the greatest one "Hiding in Plain Site".  For those of us that appreciate what a modern sniper can do, we will do as they do in the field; that is addapt and overcome.  Though it seams the easiest way to Kill a Sniper in online Multiplayer is to just play MW3.


This brings me to my review of the entire game.  I have just about a total of 72 hrs in now in MW3 on Xbox Live.  I prestiged 1 time and I am at level 60 something.  I would say I am used to all of the querks and new additions.  Time for my EXPERT review.


Streak Packages:

I like the new streak packages.  The support package allows the base runner, who is always getting smoked, the ability to get some sort of reward.  The Perks package is usefull-sometimes.  The asault package is a joke, anybody that is getting the Ospray gunner is realy hiding out, has a very fast connection or is just plain cheating already.


Frags and stickies:

Gernades are pretty much useless.  The power has been turned down so much, that you have to pretty much put it in someones pocket to be usefull.



Same as grenades, almost useless.  I guess with the small maps you wouldn't have been able to move if you had claymores all over.


Trophy System:

Absolutely dumb.  It is useless.  Easily taken out, large, and dosn't realy work- USELESS


Bouncing Betty:

Nice, I like it.  Easily seen if you are paying attention but I like the sound it makes when it pops, just before it fills your head with shrapnel.



As with all online games, lag is a big issue.  Though in MW3 it is in need of some serious tweeking.  For you guys out there that think you are doing great when your whole team is at 35 and 2 and the opposing team is all at 2 and 35, That isn't your skill, that is the other team being about a half second behind.  If you find yourself getting smoked and not hearing the shot untill after, watch your kill cam and you will see just how far you are behind the other guy- LAG IS BAD, COMPESATION NEEDS TO BE ADJUSTED

Though no body will ever get it perfect, that is just the nature of online gaming, it's all aboutthe ping rate.


I could go on and on about MW3.  Overall I like it, though if I was to rate it I would give it a 5 out of 10 - that is average.  Not at all what any of us expected from COD.  I don't know about you but I won't be buying 2 copies of this game or any of the map packs as I did for me and my boy for Black Opps and MW2.  Heres another afterthought;  Has anybody even been able to use the ELITE System?  What about all you guys out there who payed for the service?  Was it worth it?


As for the game, I'll be playing.  Hoping they get the lag fixed and they come out with Black Opps 2 soon or MW4 ans quickly as possible.  Look out for my one shot kills from my Barret.




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