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  • 60. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    That's true; Downturn is a great example of this. If it weren't for all the cars and debris in the way, you could get some great sight lines. Same with Bootleg, Bakaara, and Fallen.

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    EXACTLY! I for one hate all the damn cars.......

  • 62. Re: Lack of sniper-friendly maps

    I did come up with a pseudo-sniper class that is much easier to use than a traditional sniper:


    MK 14 w/Hybrid Sight OR Thermal

    Proficiency- Breath OR Focus



    -Sleight of Hand Pro

    -Quickdraw Pro

    -Marksman Pro


    Lethal- Any (depending on how mobile you want the class to be)

    Tactical- Stun/Flash/Smoke (depends on Thermal or no)

    Deathstreak- Any


    Using Breath and Marksman can let you pull off some amazing longshots, and you have the ability to let off multiple rounds without having to steady again if you miss your first shot.


    Quickdraw and SOH are excellent for CQ if your position is compromised, and you need to move quickly. Just make sure you have a half decent trigger finger for those closed-in firefights.


    One last bit of advice: Make sure you use a prestige token to unlock The MK 14; it's damn near impossible to unlock all of the pieces necessary for this class as far as the gun itself goes, since you unlock the MK at such a late level.

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