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Delta Squad and Riot Shield Squad in Special Ops- All of the members on Xbox 360

Does anyone have a complete list of all of the Delta squad or of the Riot Shield squad for spec ops on Xbox? If not, please list all of the members you've had so I can make a complete and final copy. The Delta squad members I have so far are:

Apex, Boomer, Boxer, Chemo, Cherub, Chino, Coma, Cypher, Druid, Exxon, Gator, Hannibal, Hazard, Hitman, Justice, Klepto, Langley, Mamba, Neptune, Nomad, Ogre, Ozone, Patron, Pharoah, Poet, Precher, Redcell, Roadie, Robot, Rocket (thanks to Tonehhhhhhhh), Rooster, Taco, Undertone, Utah, Whiskey, and Zero.

Thanks for your help.


P.S.- You can also add Riot Shield Squad Members, but I haven't unlocked it yet in spec ops, so I don't have any names. Once I do, I will post them on this forum.