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Stupid Patch! Now you get a loss when you back out before you spawn.


If you are like me and Join games alone, then you know there are several times where you are thrown into a game where your team is is losing to the point where its impossible to come back. But I was glad to see that you wouldnt have to take a loss for it if you backed out before you spawn in(I was so happy when I found this out). Today I join a ground war game losing 130-27 so I back out right away to avoid frustration and the unearned loss. So I back out and what do I see, a loss in my barrecks for that game. I was on a 53 win streak too.


Why would they change something that for the past 3 years, players have been asking for. Whats wrong with being able to back out before you spawn without any penalty toward your stats. I hope the mods read this and reconsider what they have done.


Also BTW, I was thrown into a super speed lobby today. I down know if it was just that game being glitchy or what but everything was about 5x faster. I hope its not a sign of whats to come in the near future.